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Are you looking for the best brand for purchasing your tools? Still, facing confusion to decide that which brand is suitable for you? Yes!!! As like you, I have also gone through the same situation and faced difficulties to choose the right decision. Whenever I was looking for the best brands for my tools, I have collected all the information and take decision about which one is best and suitable for me. Then I have decided to share all the information with my audience about the best tool brand and make your life much easier.

Best Tool Brand

Here is an overview I have tried to collect all the information from various authentic sources and make it much more reliable. I believe and hope this article will help you out to find out the solution to make the right decision during the purchase of the tool or have a concept of the best brand for tools.

Best Tool Brand:

In this article, I have shared valuable information on some reputed and renowned brands just like Tekton, Husky, Neiko, Craftsman, Snap-On, Greenworks, Gearwrench with a complete and detailed overview, It will easy to you for your better understanding and clear the concept.

  1. Tekton:

Name Selection: Tekton Tools is taking the advantage to place at the top positions in West Michigan and one of the leading hubs for manufacturing tools in the world. The nomenclature of “Tekton” came from the ancient Greek language. Tekton is similar as like the word “technician” whereas the word originated from “technical” and “technique” So the word “Tekton” refers to the person having skills, especially in the hands.

Country: “Tekton” is originated in Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States of America. Now It is available in most of the country of the world

Product: This brand especially focused on tools used in mechanical and assembly purposes. The core categories include

  • Hand drive socket and ratchets
  • Impact Socket
  • Wrenches
  • Screwdrivers
  • Pliers

Distribution: They have specialized strong supply chain networks to distribute and deliver their product to their local customers.

Online Purchase: Though they have own e-commerce based official website, they also sell their product in amazon.

Customer Services & Support:

Do you have any doubts and confusion about the customer service and after-sales support? They are focused on customer service and make it super easy for their customers. If you received any flawed and broken tools, after contact with the support team they will replace the defected items. For this user-friendly experience, Tekton creates its brand image to take another level of new heights.

  1. Husky:

History: Husky was founded in the year of 1924 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It is best-known house brand of The Home Depot and sold exclusive hand tools, pneumatic tools and tool storage products.

Manufacturing Unit: Previously Huskey tools were just manufactured in the United States, but recently the products are made in China and Taiwan.

Products: Husky has a wide range of products, some of them are mentioned as below:

  • Extendable Square
  • Socket Set
  • Cabinet Set
  • Workbench
  • Screwdriver
  • Tube Cutter
  • Ratchet
  • Universal Tool Set
  • Wrench & Wrench Set
  • Compressor
  • Glove Set
  • LED Light
  • Flashlight
  • Tool Bags

Warranty Policy: The most interesting issue is Husky offered lifetime warranty for their customer. Previously there was a program offered by SEARS for Craftsman or other brands of hand tools that consumers can exchange their broken tool with Husky tools without any charge. This program is not continuing anymore

Online Purchase:  You can choose your product and purchase from Amazon.

Best Tool Brand - Husky tools

  1. Kobalt:

History: Kobalt was launched in the year of 1998 by the partnership of J.H. Williams and Lowe’s. Kobalt had the intention to compete against Sears, The Home Depot, Craftsman and Husky tool brands. Danaher Corporation starts producing Kobalt hand tools in the year of 2003.

Product: Kobalt has diversified products and solutions and produces from home applications to industrial production purposes. The major products include:

  • Hand & Mechanic Tools
  • Power Tools
  • Air Tools
  • Lawn & Garden Tools
  • Personalized Products

Online Purchase: Despite having their e-commerce platform they sell their products through Amazon.

  1. Neiko:

Neiko Tools” brand is one of the leading manufacturing companies producing quality hand tools. This brand is highly recognized and prominent all over the world.

Manufacturing Unit: The manufacturing unit of “Neiko Tools” is established in Taiwan and China. “Neiko Tools USA” brand also manufactures in Taiwan and China, but the final products are only for USA Market. There are a lot of distributors of Neiko Tools in the United States. Whereas They also sell their products in an e-commerce platform along with their official website.    “Neiko Pro Tools” is a wide range of high-quality tools designed for professionals.


Neiko Tools produces huge varieties of products given as follows:

  • Hand tools
  • Air tools
  • Power tools
  • Hydraulic tools
  • Tool accessories and supplies.

Neiko Pro produces some of the finest products including

  • Drill bit sets
  • Router bit sets
  • Wrenches, socket sets,
  • Pliers
  • Adjustable wrenches and torque wrenches
  • Tile saws
  • Generators,
  • Miter saws,
  • Grinders,
  • Sanders,
  • Electric impact wrenches,
  • Air compressors,
  • Air hoses.
  • Automotive tools and supplies
  • Home improvement
  • Auto repair or contractor applications.
  1. Craftsman:

History: Craftsman Delivering quality products over 90 years and create history in this sector. They are trusted for generation in the industry of manufacturing tools. They are prestigious and established pride for re-engineering products and high-performance tools. Craftsman tools brand is owned by Sears and the trademark was registered on May 20, 1927. Stanley Black & Decker is the authority for controlling this brand. If you are looking for tools for lawn and garden and outfit for the work, then craftsman tools are the perfect choice for you.

Product: There are diversified products under the brand of Craftsman. Most popular products are included:

  • Cutters & Snips
  • Hammers & Demolition Tools
  • Finishing Tools
  • Hand Saws
  • Hex Keys
  • Knives & Multi-tools
  • Measuring & Layout Tools
  • Mechanics Tool Sets
  • Nut Drivers
  • Pliers
  • Ratchets
  • Sockets
  • Screwdrivers
  • Wrenches and Wrenches Set

Online Purchase: However, craftsman tools sell their products through their own official e-commerce whereas they also sell their products in Amazon. Are you looking for any brands having concerns of warranty? Yes! Craftsman tool is ruling the market for its strong warranty policy. They repair and replace the defaulted products and accept the return order according to the warranty coverage.

Best Tool Brand - Craftsman

  1. Snap-On:

History: This brand has begun its journey in the year of 1920 in the United States when the automobile was becoming in popularity.

Mission & Vision: The mission of this brand is “The most valued productivity solutions in the world.” Keeping in mind they are moving forward toward their vision with belief and core values.

Strategies for brand: This brand has a sharp and clear strategic runway where they are growing with a concern of Safety, Quality, Innovation, Customer Connection, and Rapid Continuous Improvement.


Under this brand, there are product such as

  • Tool Storage
  • Hand Tools
  • Power Tools
  • Shop & Tech
  • Diagnostics

Major Customers: They have widely diversified customers. Some of them are included as follows:

  • Automotive
  • Aviation & Aerospace
  • Collision
  • Construction & Agriculture
  • Heavy Duty Trucks & Fleets
  • Manufacturing
  • Metal Cutting
  • Military & Defence
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Power Generation
  • Rail
  • School & Students
  • Vineyards

Online Purchase: Though they have an online shop for purchase they also sell products through amazon

  1. Greenworks:

History: Greenworks tools has created its pioneer position in battery-powered outdoor tools for professionals in landscaping. Greenworks tools founded in the year of 2007 and the parent company is Globe Tools Group. The journey was started by manufacturing lithium-ion technology and outdoor power equipment.

Product: The products are included 24-volt, 40-volt, 60-volt, 80-volt and commercial grade 82-volt battery-powered outdoor power equipment and reel mowers. All of the products are the right tool for every job.

Headquarter: The headquarter of Greenworks tool is in Mooresville, NC having 40,000-square-foot workspace for R&D, Executives, Financial, Marketing and various design including 120 designs

Online Purchase: If you want to purchase Greenworks tools you can also purchase from Amazon.

  1. Gearwrench:

History: In the year of 1996, Gearwrench launches the original patented five-degree retching wrench product for professional automotive technicians. As a brand, Gearwrench Tools has created its leading position for making the hand tools. This brand meets every tough requirement for automotive professionals and technicians.

Parent Company: The parent company of the Gearwrench Tools brand is Apex Tool Group.

Product: This company lead the industry with a breakthrough in wide ranges of products including

  • Pass-thru ratchets
  • Sockets
  • Screw
  • Nut drivers
  • Pliers
  • Specialized tools.

Online purchase: You can purchase this brand from amazon.

Final Words:

From the above mentioned you have got a complete overview of the best tool brand, where you can choose and purchase any products with confidence.

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