How to Select the Best Pedicure Chairs for Your Salon Business

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In order for your spa or salon to keep up with competition, it must be ready to offer a wide array of salon services that can catch the attention of your target market and push them to try your service. More likely than not, it will not be able to boom and succeed without proper, modern facilities, tools and equipment and this applies even for your pedicure services. If you have not noticed, leading salons are leading not only because of their quality and availability of various pedicure services but also because of the equipment they use.

How to Select Pedicure Chairs for Your Salon Business

It may not be applicable to all corners of the world but the presence of pedicure chairs has been a frequent indication in the eyes of customers that a salon is truly relaxing to visit and is overall worthy to check out.

Your Salon’s Pedicure Chairs Can Make or Break It

Newbies and “oldies” in the salon industry have been reiterated the need to invest in pedicure chairs if they want to keep up with the wide competition. But as such equipment come at a hefty cost, as an entrepreneur, you may want to make a guided and knowledgeable purchase to get the best value of your investment.

To help you with your pedicure chair shopping journey, below is an easy guide you can heed:

  • Select your manufacturer wisely

The salon industry is actually flooded with a plethora of salon equipment manufacturers but just because a pedicure chair is imported, it does not mean it can deliver the best return of your investment. In the same manner, just because it is locally made, it does not make it less beautiful or functional. If your coverage is just city wide, you may want to take it slow and economical for the meantime and just consider buying from a local manufacturer. This is so that claiming warranties or after-sale technical support, e.g. repair, replacement, and maintenance will be within reach.

  • Prioritize functionality

More than the aesthetics, the functionality of your pedicure chair will help convince your new customers to come back or otherwise. Below are important considerations:

Massage System. Although the price of a pedicure chair with an integrated massage system is heftier, it is more or less like that for a clear reason and the potential return of investment is incredible. Once your customers find out that your pedicure chair offers that soothing massage all throughout the duration of your pedicure service, that added level of relaxation will surely make them want to revisit. Provided you have the budget, this added incentive will surely give you the edge over your competitors.

How to Select Pedicure Chairs for Your Salon Business - amazing salon

Drainage System. If you want to take your complementary foot spa and massage service to a luxurious level or you are just about to start your salon business but you do not have floor drains where you plan to have your pedicure area, you may want to invest in a pedicure chair with own drainage system. This type of chair makes use of a power drain pump to drain your pedicure chair to an existing wall drain or sink or a remote drain putting an end to your pedicure chair-drain placement restriction.

Pipe-less Technology. Experts would recommend using a modern pipe-less pedicure chair.

During the course of a pedicure session, the used water goes to the drain and circulates through the pipe. This water is supposed to be drained off the basin right after but the pipes in pedicure chair hamper this process, making it impossible to drain the water completely. Since these pipes will not be left entirely water free, consequently, this can increase the build-up of bacteria, thereby increasing the risk of infections. This is probably why pipe-less pedicure chairs were invented.

A pipe less pedicure chair uses a modern technology to enhance hygiene and safety in pedicure services. On the upside, this kind of chair is much easier to maintain and clean because the likelihood of skin and hair clogging is omitted from regular washing and drainage of the pipes.

  • Other considerations

The pipe-less technology, drainage system, and massage system are the major considerations but aside from these, there are also other features that you may want to invest in should you plan to go all-in in enhancing your salon pedicure facility.

Disposable Liners. The purpose of this important add-on is that it gives an added level of hygiene and aids in pushing your basin to continuously function at an optimum.

Auto Fill. This important and efficient feature is truly costly. The giants in the industry have nonetheless invested in this technology because of its advantages and amazing return of investment. Basically, what the auto-fill does is it automatically refills the basin without the need of staff assistance.

Manicure Trays and Technician Stools. These add-ons are designed to help your staff perform their job more efficiently and quickly. There are also pedicure chairs that are acetone-proof; this reduces the required after-cleaning effort especially in removing eventual polish stains.

Ventilation System, to help regulate or remove the vapors from the nail polish which might make your clients uncomfortable.

Water Sensor. This feature helps technicians monitor the water filling of the foot tub.

People, especially women, get a pedicure service for its therapeutic pampering treatment for the feet. It used to take care only of the dead skin and the shaping and treatment of the nails and other foot problems. Amazingly, the latest pedicure chairs allowed an innovation and great enhancement of this service not only on the part of the customer but on the staff as well.

So, if you want to keep up with the modern competition and attract a wider client base, you should not be afraid of investing in this equipment for your pedicure services. Also part of this is revamping your spa menu to make it more presentable and informative to the eyes of undecided customers and newbies. Most importantly, make sure you hire the right nail technicians who can do the job right. These people should be pro-hygiene too.

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