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Want to make your own furniture or practice wood carving? No matter whether it’s your first time holding tools or you have certain experience, you can find wonderful woodworking courses online to start growing your skills. Even though it’s a hands-on skill, you can learn it from home with ease and get benefits like self-paced learning and a flexible schedule.

Assembling wood pieces

We’ve made a list of six top-rated woodworking courses that are definitely worth your time and money.

1.   Woodworking For Beginners: Source, Design, and Sculpt With Confidence

Platform: SkillShare

Duration: 2h 39min

Instructor: Anne Briggs

An excellent woodworking course for beginners is available on SkillShare. It includes 18 short, bite-sized lessons that teach you basic knife cuts, safety, prototyping, carving, and refining. Anne Briggs walks you through the wood carving process step by step, encouraging creativity and expression. By the end of the course, you’ll have a hand-made wooden item. It’s a good course for students who are only starting to learn woodworking. Robert Batting, a college student who is halfway into the course, recommends to pay someone to write my essay and have more time to practice woodworking and take your skills to the next level. It’s an amazing, creative, and sustainable hobby to try!

2.   Woodworking: All About Wood

Platform: Udemy

Duration: 1h 28min

Instructor: George Vondriska

You can’t work with wood if you don’t understand the materials. To know what works best for your woodworking designs, learn from George Vondriska, who is an instructor in the Woodworkers Guild of America, teaching the craft since 1986. His course covers all about man-made materials, milling lumber, hardwood and softwood, calculations, grading, and so much more. It gives you an in-depth understanding of the craft to increase the quality of your designs and save money at the same time.

3.   Fundamentals of Furniture Making

Platform: Craftsy

Duration: 2h 52min

Instructor: George Vondriska

Another course from George Vondriska, but this time on Craftsy, addresses the fundamentals of furniture making. It includes 9 sessions in which the instructor breaks down everything you need to know about prepping, designing, detailing, and assembling furniture. Aside from video tutorials that you can access anytime after enrolling, you also get useful PDF resources on woodworking and access to the Q&A section of the course, where you can ask questions and meet other student artisans.

Making wooden chair

4.   Furniture Restoration and Transformation for Beginners

Platform: Domestika

Duration: 1h 50min

Instructor: Antic&Chic

If you want to give your old furniture a new life, check out the course from an interior design studio Antic&Chic. It is beginner-friendly, available in multiple languages, and has a 98% positive rating on the platform. The course will teach you how to upcycle and transform your old furniture to give it more personality and chic. You can experiment with endless styles and artistic choices to create truly unique pieces. Aside from restoring steps, the course also covers care and maintenance and gives a lot of practical tips.

5.   The Weekend Woodworker

Platform: The Weekend Woodworker

Duration: 5h 54min

Instructor: Steve Ramsey

Are you tired of the endless process of trial and error when working with wood? The course from the Weekend Woodworker will help you learn how to build anything from wood and do it right. This course has 6 units with different projects. Each of them takes about an hour of a video tutorial and 2 days of build time. In addition to lifetime access to self-paced learning videos, you also get printable plans and lists with tools and supplies. The course covers the demonstrations of 13 tools and 15 different skills with detailed walkabouts.

6.   Fundamentals For Epoxy In Woodworking

Platform: Woodworkers Guild of America

Duration: 1h 15min

Instructor: Jess Crow

By combining epoxy and wood, you can create stunning pieces of furniture. Yet, the process is rather demanding even for experienced woodworkers. To master the craft, you need to know the nuances of working with these tricky materials. Join Jess Crow’s class on epoxy in woodworking to get a better understanding of the techniques, processes, and materials. The course comes with bonus resources that summarize key points and serve as a helpful guide for you that you can consult anytime you work on a new project.

Wrapping Up

There is a huge range of woodworking courses: bite-sized and in-depth, for beginners and advanced learners. We hope our list will help you find a course that will match your needs and expectations. So don’t hesitate, enroll, and create beautiful wood designs!

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