Benefits of installing sandstone paving

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Anytime you invest in updating or renovating your home, you are making a good decision. Living in a home that is comfortable and meets your needs while having the means to host family and friends is quite a privilege and something that should not be overlooked. If you are on the fence about installing sandstone paving such as Indian Sandstone to your property, we will identify some of the best benefits to doing so in this article.
Benefits of installing sandstone paving

By the end of the article, it is our hope that you will be able to make a well-informed decision on how to move forward with a worthwhile project.

Add value and curb appeal to your home

Every good remodel increases the value of your property and installing sandstone paving to your property is going to instantly add value and appeal to your home. It looks clean, classy, and can withstand the test of time. You will likely not have to replace your patio on a regular basis like you would if you had a concrete patio or wood deck. Concrete and wood can deteriorate over time and can be costly to replace. While the investment up front for a paved patio may seem expensive, the cost will even out over time. You can even make one yourself simply by following our How to build a patio tutorial.


Using stone to update your home is environmentally friendly as materials used are natural. It is important to note that while the stone is environmentally friendly as it is a natural material, there are still environmental costs such as transporting the stone to your property. Even still, the amount of environmental effects are less when purchasing stone than concrete as it takes more energy to create concrete. In addition, if you were to replace your paved patio, the stones could be reused for other things instead of thrown away.

Low maintenance

Building a wood deck or having a concrete patio can require significant upkeep on a regular basis. For example, after several years, you may find that your deck is rotting. Or perhaps there are some carpenter bees that have made themselves a home in your deck. Replacing rotted wood beams or parts of the deck due to insects eating your wood can be a costly endeavor. The same holds true for concrete decks or driveways. After a while you will notice cracks in the foundation which will need to be fixed. The cost to pour again your concrete patio or driveway can be expensive. A paved patio requires low maintenance as it will not have the same problems that is caused by wood or concrete.

Safe for your family

Paving stones are safe for your family, friends, and pets. Stones are safe to walk on in any type of weather and you can rest assured that your patio is safe no matter what the forecast has in store.


Sandstone paving is perfect for pool surroundings or pool coping. It is also a popular material when it comes to cladding and veneering! Unlike other materials, sandstone paving can create a natural earthy look or an elegant formal appearance. This versatility is the reason why they are so widely applied!

Whether you are building a paved patio or a paved driveway, paving stones are durable and safe for all types of foot or vehicle traffic. The best way to make sure that your stones can withstand the traffic is to have it installed properly.

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  1. Shammy Peterson June 1, 2021 at 12:19 am

    It was nice to know that stones are environmentally friendly materials. As you said, the environmental effects are less when you choose stones. My husband and I want to have a paver installed for us. We are thinking of improving the driveway’s look for an impressive appeal. Since we both want to do our part in saving the environment, we will consider hiring a pro that can install stone pavers for us. Thanks!

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