Benefits to owning a smart home

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A smart home has items that can be controlled remotely using an app or Wi-Fi. Nowadays, the smart home is not just limited to the smart locks and smart security. You can now have a smart bathroom, smart power, and smart monitoring among other smart devices you can use at your home.
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In most cases, you just need the smart device, your smartphone, Wi-Fi, and apps. Here are few benefits you will get if you own a smart home.

It enhances home protection

The smart security in your home will help to protect your home and belongings from intruders and theft. For instance, you can have motion sensors detect movement when you are away or at night and then you are sent an alert on the phone in which case you can choose to trigger the siren or call a neighbor. Also, you can look through the CCTV cameras using your device to know what’s going on in your home and if it is an intruder or not. If you want to learn more, we found a good article by new line construction on AI to make your home smarter.

Similarly, smart devices such as smart water leak monitoring devices, smart plugs, and smoke detectors can help to protect your home from damage. For instance, smart water leak monitoring devices can alert you in case there is a change in moisture level and can help you to detect a leakage before it causes damage.

Remotely controlled functions

Smart Homes have the convenience of controlling various functions remotely. You can remotely switch on the power in the house, answer the door even if you are miles away, set the temperature of water in the bathroom, and turn the lights on or off all using your phone. With the smart switch, you can control lights in your house from wherever you are as well as set timers and schedules. Most of these functions require you to have your smartphone, apps and Wifi connection.

You can turn lights off by pressing a single button, check if all doors and windows are locked if you have smart locks and turn off all electronic devices if you have smart sockets remotely, all by using your smart home devices.

You save energy

Smart plugs, switches and power strips can help you to save energy and reduce power bills. For instance, smart power strips can shut off idle devices automatically and they have voice control and scheduling features which help to save energy. Therefore, if you are traveling out of town, you don’t need to leave a device plugged in, you can schedule for the power strip to turn on when needed using an app.

The thermostat can adjust depending on the surrounding temperature and if the house is occupied. You can set lighting to turn on when you get into the room and switch off when you go out. Smart showers can be used to save on water and electricity.

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Save on insurance

Most insurance companies offer insurance discounts to homeowners who use smart home technology by using devices such as smart security systems, smoke detectors, humidity and moisture sensors, motion detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.

It is convenient

Smart homes are convenient since you don’t have to stand up and perform some tasks since you control them from your smart device. For instance, you can set the lighting in your home to switch on when you enter a room or at a particular time. You can set it at your desired brightness or set them to light up slowly instead of flushing suddenly.

You can set your coffee pot to start at a particular time, music to start after the alarm and the house temperature to remain optimum.  You can have different songs played in different rooms and at varying volumes in your own home.

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