How To Start Automating Your Home DIY

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People often become confused about the final cost of their home project while looking for automation software and tools here and there. The truth is that it is solely dependent on your needs and financial capabilities.

How To Start Automating Your Home DIY

If you advance your home yourself, you can save a little money. Our guide will assist you in doing so with minimal effort.

How Do I Automate My Home DIY?

If you decide to start automating your home, do not rush into purchasing expensive devices. Begin with simple ones to assess the feasibility of this concept. The range of gadgets can be later expanded. Where do you begin?

1. Choosing Your First Smart Device

The market provides many smart systems and devices for home automation. It will not be difficult for you to find the simplest and most affordable option to invest in:

  • A smart speaker. It is the simplest device you can begin with because it does not necessitate any special skills or knowledge. Using it, you can play music and control other smart devices via voice commands;
  • A smart light bulb. It is the most affordable solution for home automation. You can connect it to a smart speaker and use voice to control your home’s lighting;
  • A smart plug. This device will increase the security of your home. If you forget to turn off an iron or any other device connected to it, you will be able to do so virtually from your smartphone;
  • A smart door lock. It allows you to control access to your home. It eliminates the need to look for a place to leave the keys or be concerned if they are lost;
  • Smoke detectors and leak sensors. The automation of these basic gadgets will help you improve the security of your home. They monitor the environment and send a signal if anything suspicious occurs. Furthermore, thanks to a specialized app, you can receive notifications about this on your smartphone;
  • A thermostat. It allows for the provision of comfortable temperatures while you are at home and the reduction of heating while you are away.

2. Select A Smart Home Platform

Choosing a platform is one of the most difficult challenges that a person may face when introducing smart technology into his home environment. You can use it to control all the automated devices throughout the house remotely or via voice command. The most popular platforms are as follows:

  • Amazon Alexa;
  • Apple HomeKit;
  • Google Assistant;
  • IFTTT;
  • Zigbee;
  • Z-Wave.

3. Purchase A Hub (Optional)

This device is not a required component of the automation system. However, by taking on the primary load, it significantly improves the management of many devices and ensures good Internet operation.

How To Start Automating Your Home DIY - smart home

4. Choose the Mode of Connectivity

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi mesh networks are among the most popular connectivity mediums. The latter connects all of your devices to your router via a hub.

5. Include Devices

After you have purchased the necessary components, you need to connect all of your devices to the hub or controlling platform. The implementation of an automation system greatly simplifies and improves daily life. It allows you to remain calm even if you have lost your keys or have not turned off the electrical device. The examples provided are only a small portion of what you can automate in your home. Try and you will see that there is no limit to increasing comfort, and you can automate almost everything.

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