Inspiring Tips To Turn Your Bedroom Into A Love Cave

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While we all know that our bedroom should be a sacred space that is conducive to getting a good night’s sleep, we can often forget that when we are in a relationship our bedroom needs to foster an environment worthy of deep emotional and physical intimacy. It can be hard to get alone time with our partners outside of the bedroom. For that reason, the bedroom truly needs to be a space that is safe, romantic, and free from distractions.

Inspiring Tips To Turn Your Bedroom Into A Love Cave

If you need to know how to bring some spark back to your bedroom, keep on reading.

How To Make Your Bedroom More Romantic

So, you’ve decided to make your bedroom a more intimate and romantic spot for you and your partner. If you follow these six tips, you will be sure to get there in no time.

Minimize Clutter and Distractions

A bedroom full of stuff will distract you and your partner from the most important thing – one another. Be sure to utilize solutions like a good laundry hamper for clothes, storage bins, and dressers. Everything that lives in your bedroom should have its own space to ensure that there is no mess. If you need help doing this, we suggest looking into the Kon Mari method made famous by the popular Netflix star Marie Kondo.

Keep Things Symmetrical

Being in a relationship is about being equal partners, two halves to a whole. It is important that both partners feel equal in the bedroom, as well. To foster this, it is important to have a centered bed with two identical nightstands on each side. Storage space may be an issue in some residences, and we understand that women often have more clothing and personal care items than men. However, if you really want to foster a sense of equality, it is important that couples get equal closet and dresser space, as well.

Choose The Right Decor

It is important that the decor in your room fosters a sense of calm, peace, and romance. Dusky rose, terra cotta, deep blues, and verdant greens can help you achieve this. Bright and pastel colors can be too distracting. Additionally, the decor in your bedroom should reflect the tastes and personalities of both of you. You need to be sure to choose pieces together and to create a harmonious theme that you can both enjoy. An easy way to do this is to agree on a color palette (usually 1-2 colors and some neutrals) and go from there.

Inspiring Tips To Turn Your Bedroom Into A Love Cave - luxury bedroom

Invest In Bedding

Premium linens will help make your bed more comfortable, and also make it somewhere where you want to be. Snuggling up in bed shouldn’t be uncomfortable or scratchy. While the good sheets may be much more expensive than you’re used to, your love life will thank you for it if you get yourself a royalty bedding set.

Get The Right Bed

While memory foam beds are popular, it is important to keep in mind that they don’t have any kind of bounce to them, and often aren’t firm enough to support the weight of two people on top of one another, causing a couple to sink into the mattress. You can get the same benefits of memory foam by investing in a hybrid mattress, which has spring coils for a bit of bounce, topped with layers of memory foam for contouring and comfort. These beds are often more expensive than memory foam or innerspring mattresses, but your relationship deserves the best. If you’re still struggling to get a perfect mattress that matches both you and your partner, take your time to check out for more knowledge-based instructions.

Keep TV In The Living Room

Watching TV before bed is terrible for your sleep, but it can also be detrimental to your love life. Make sure to take the time to enjoy one another every night, even if you aren’t having sex, while free from distractions. Keeping the TV out of the bedroom will keep both of you from being tempted. When you’re having a movie night, feel free to cuddle and chat on the couch, but the bedroom should be focused solely on intimacy and sleep.


If you follow these six tips for turning your bedroom into a love cave, you will be sure to create a healthier environment for your relationship. Just remember, any changes should be made as a couple, and open communication is always key.

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