Drawer dresser – ideal storage solution for small spaces

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When it comes to decorating your home, it’s always difficult to establish a balance between design and utility. Some beautiful pieces of furniture would take up space but lack utility and this is when designer’s expertise is tested. To overcome this problem, most of the designers use the furniture pieces that are high on utility, low on space and good on looks. The well crafted drawer dressers are such pieces of furniture that have all of the above qualities.
Drawer dresser

This sleek piece of furniture has multiple drawers fitted in single or multiple columns to offer lots of storage space without taking up much of floor space.

Drawer dresser is a well-organized storage solution

The drawer dresser or chest of drawers are usually available in waist height or shoulder height designs. There are 5 to 7 drawers placed vertically in single or multiple columns. The wider versions have 2 to 4 columns of drawers and are usually available in waist height. They are used to store clothes, toys and other knickknacks depending on the room it is placed. It is one of the most organized form of storage as there is separate room for everything. It can be used to segregate things for easy reach.

Drawer dresser types

Drawer dressers are made in all sort of variations depending of the usage and decor demands and we’ll cover the main types that you come across in every furniture store. The standard horizontal dresser is horizontally oriented, squat in profile, and contain usually two columns of drawers. The standard vertical chest, also known as a tallboy, is much taller than the standard dresser design, with a double stack of drawers comprising a column shaped piece of furniture. The combo dresser design is in fact a combination of two major elements and it combines a standard squat dresser with a tall cabinet. The bachelor’s chest features a single column of drawers in a more squat, sometimes narrow frame. The other variation is the gentlemen’s chest which is a configuration wherein the drawer column is paired with a large vertically oriented cabinet door. Opposite variation is the lingerie chest, also known as a semainier, traditionally holds seven drawers, meant for each day of the week. This design is tall, long, with deep and narrow drawers.

Standard horizontal drawer dresser

Drawer dresser design types

Drawer dresser has a lot of design styles and here we’ll cover only the most commonly used designs. The first one is the oldest and most commonly used traditional style. It features a timeless, detailed look, with carved wood structures, a bit of embellishment, and straight lines and general shape. The most common design is the contemporary design. It is a look that is “of the now,” containing obviously up to date styling and touches that could come from no previous era. The very popular is the cottage style which is meant to evoke a relaxed, warm, and soft country living feeling, with carved wood, light tones, and a lived in appearance. Rustic design has the look centered around timeworn, natural, weather beaten textures and tones, rustic style is the epitome of old fashioned, homespun furniture. Finally, the modern style is devoted to a particular strain of design originating in the 20th century, with clean, futuristic lines in novel configurations.

Rustic drawer dresser

Drawer dresser is great for all rooms

This high utility furniture has its application in all rooms. Here are the few ways in which this organizer can be used in different rooms.

Bedroom –  the actual use of drawer dresser in earlier times was to store clothes. This is the reason why most of the times it is found in the bedroom. It is used to stock up small pieces of clothes without creating a mess. It can also be used as bed side table if the number of drawers are less, preferably two. Artefacts and other decorative art work can be placed on the top of drawer dresser to add uniqueness to the décor.  Usually a big mirror is placed above it to double it up as storage and dresser.
Nursery or kid’s room – drawer dresser has space for everything starting from books, puzzles to games. Placing this high utility piece of furniture in the kid’s room will offer room for everything. It makes it very easy to clear mess as there is fixed space for everything starting from clothes, books to games. Low height dresser would be ideal for small kids as it imbibes the habit of being organized and independent. Place a whiteboard or soft board above the low height dresser and encourage your kid’s creativity. You can also put some notes on this whiteboard or soft board to educate your child to be organized or instructions about which drawer has what! It’s all about going creative.
Living room – place the drawer dresser besides the seating. It will be good coffee serving table and also offer sufficient storage for other living room essentials. You can also add the titles to the drawers if you want to make them more organized and easy to use.

Kids drawer dresser

As you can see, the drawer dresser is very functional piece of furniture that can be used throughout your home. Also, a drawer dresser is a unique home decor piece which can boost up the design of every room in your home. At most importantly, the drawer dresser is inexpensive piece of furniture with both the looks and functionality.

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