Transform Your Home into A Gallery With Samsung The Frame TV

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Among the many innovations in television technology that Samsung has pioneered over the years, nothing compares to what the company has achieved with the Samsung The Frame TV. Thanks to this innovation, the TV was transformed from being a plain, old, black box to a work of art!

Transform Your Home into A Gallery With Samsung The Frame TV

The Frame was created out of Samsung’s desire to improve people’s television experience. With enhanced features, better customization options, and over 800 artworks available, Samsung The Frame TV will not only make your viewing experience more fun, but it will also transform your living room into a dynamic gallery space.

What Samsung The Frame TV Owners Have To Say About It

Owners of the 2018 version of the Frame TV have nothing but praises for this wonderful piece of innovation. The Frame TV has given them more ways than ever to customize the look and appearance of their home. The most notable thing about the Frame TV would probably be the inclusion of the Samsung Art Store—the world’s biggest art platform for TVs. The Samsung Art Store features a diverse and ever-growing collection of artwork from some of the most prominent artists, art galleries, and museums around the world.

People who have tried the Frame TV discovered that they could customize it to create their preferred look for any room. Owing to its new and improved UI, owners of Samsung The Frame TV can look for different artworks, paintings, and even photographs, which complement the color scheme of the room they are in. Then, just like curating a music playlist, you can create a personalized collection of artworks that shuffles through specific artworks as often as you like.

Quality and User-Friendliness of Samsung The Frame TV

When switched on, the Frame TV boasts of crisp and clear 4k Ultra HD screen with HDR10+ technology. This allows users to view the content exactly the way the director wants them to. Just like Samsung’s QLED TV line of 2018, Samsung The Frame TV comes with a couple of new smart additions that allows for easy and quick set up of the TV as well as access content.

The Effortless Log-in feature allows users to quickly transfer their Samsung account and Wi-Fi account details from their phone to the television using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). You don’t have to remember or re-type any of your passwords—it’s that convenient! Users can also intuitively navigate across different streaming sites, consoles and live TV with the help of Samsung’s proprietary Smart Hub menu. The Universal Guide feature, on the other hand, lets you curate content based on your own unique taste and preference.

Samsung The Frame TV: An Art Gallery in Your Own Home

What sets Samsung The Frame TV apart from the rest is with the way it transforms itself the minute the screen is switched off. It has motion and brightness sensors that transform it into a realistic work of art. In the same way that a framed photo or artwork looks different depending on the time of the day, or lighting, the Frame TV’s sensors also adjust its screen brightness on the ambient of the room.

Samsung The Frame TV’s improved Samsung Art Store is an optimized platform where new consumers can access new art pieces. Additional features are as follows:

  • Favorite—this allows users to choose their favorite art pieces and create their own collection to be used with Slideshow.
  • Slideshow –this feature creates a slideshow of personally chosen artworks by the user. This slideshow automatically changes at intervals between 10 minutes and 7 days depending on personal preferences.

Samsung also improved the discovery and navigation feature on its Samsung Art Store. This is so users are not too far away from the new favorite art pieces they wat to display on their screen. Users can easily find their chosen artworks and browse through the gallery where the art pieces are sorted out. You can also avail of unlimited access to the Samsung Art Store for $4.99 a month, including a free month’s trial. Each permanent download for an artwork will set you back $19.99.

Samsung The Frame TV effortlessly blends in with one’s home décor. You can have it mounted, and it hangs flush to the wall thanks in part to Samsung’s “No Gap Wall Mount.” In addition, customers are given four customizable magnetic bezel options—beige wood, walnut, white, and black. This helps in changing the monitor’s edge color to match the style of the room it’s in. The One Invisible Connection features a slim, transparent cable that transmits AV data and power to the TV. Samsung definitely has thought out not only the design, but the overall viewing experience of their customers with The Frame TV.

Samsung The Frame TV helps quality and style-conscious consumers find the right combination of functionality and design for their TV.  They have definitely succeeded in transforming the television from being an old, boring square box, to something that adds value and beauty to the home. It’s almost a waste to miss the chance of getting your hands on one!

For a smart TV packed with some of the best features in its field, you can expect The Frame TV to be more expensive than the usual 4k smart TV.

The Frame TV 2018 version is available in thee sizes starting at $1,299 for the 43-inch model. For the 55-inch model, you’d have to shell out at least $1,999; for the 65-inch model, $2,799. You can purchase The Frame from a range of major retailers worldwide, or simply head over to Samsung’s online store.

With its bold design and artistic sensibility, the Frame TV acts more like an aesthetic décor rather than an ordinary appliance. But if you’re looking for a lifestyle item and a television in one, then this product might just be perfect for you. It is a beautifully designed and well-made product that manages to succeed in its own terms. So go ahead and indulge yourself.

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