How to make a small bathroom look large?

Doing more with less is the secret of success in home renovation projects because it is the most cost-effective way of getting the best return on investment. Space is not only valuable but expensive, too, and only a few can have the luxury of owning large spaces. The trick lies in utilizing spaces in better ways so that even small spaces not only look spacious but provides enough elbow room for moving around comfortably. There is a misconception that you need large space to incorporate the desired style and convenience. You can have almost all the convenience and create the stylish looks even in small spaces with proper planning and knowledge of better space utilization.

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When undertaking a home renovation Singapore project, your focus must be on upgrading the bathroom first because you can do a splendid job quite economically.   By using some smart designs based on the intelligent use of space, you can make small spaces appear much larger than it is.  People would not believe that the room is not as large as it seems because it will have all the elements for using the space conveniently. The key to smart bathroom renovation depends on clever use of space for storage that can make the small room look charming. In this article, we will discuss some space-saving ideas that can come in handy during a bathroom renovation. It will ensure the use of every inch of space most effectively without compromising on style and convenience.

Recessed shelves are excellent for small bathrooms

Typically, people consider using the exterior of walls only for decorating the space or installing fixtures and cabinets. It works well in all conditions except for small bathrooms as the objects project from the wall only to create obstructions.  In smaller spaces, it would be ideal to use the hollow spaces within the interior and exterior walls for installing slim cabinets or storage shelves. But you must be careful when using the recess within exterior walls because it reduces its insulating property that can have an adverse effect on home insulation. But you can do it comfortably on the interior walls.

Small sinks save space

To get the most from home remodeling projects in terms of space utilization, you must optimize the size and design of various fittings and fixtures used in the bathroom. In a small bathroom, you must give up the idea of using a sink of traditional size and instead use a smaller sink that functions equally well as the bigger sinks. Small sinks can snugly sit beside walls and overhang almost half as compared to any traditional sink or vanity. Choosing a narrow sink with larger width can be a good choice if you are ready to give up the depth from the wall.

Use smaller toilet

Replacing a traditional toilet with a small-scale toilet is another way to save space and make the bathroom look bigger.  Small toilets assure the same comfort of the larger ones and are perhaps more efficient as it uses less water. An adult toilet of smaller size is an ideal choice for smaller bathrooms. Despite being less wide than traditional toilets, it has a more rounded form that reduces the space it occupies on the floor. The extra space of a few inches gained by using a smaller toilet is precious in terms of interior design that makes the bathroom look more spacious. Replacing a traditional toilet with a smaller one will require some adjustments as the size of the base differs, but the plumber should know how to deal with.

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Customize the cabinetry

Create your cabinets to suit the available space because its efficiency and looks depend on how cleverly you design it.  Crafty designs can make the cabinets look attractive and at the same time offer loads of storage that defies its size. Give more stress to designing wider cabinets with lesser depth so that its projection from the wall is minimal and does not hinder floor movement. Making use of the vertical space by increasing the height of cabinets is another space-saving measure that you can take. Cabinets with thinner profile but more width can provide the desired storage volume with minimal projection.

Install a curved shower rod

If the shower space appears cramped, an easy way to enjoy more space is to replace the shower rod with a curved shower rod. The curved shower rod installed at the same height of the traditional rod has an extended reach and easily bow out at the center. It is ideal for a tiny shower space as there would be enough elbow room for movements without brushing your hands or body against the curtain. It creates a feeling of easiness as the space appears larger.

Reviewing the existing fixtures should provide leads about the modifications that can make space look larger without compromising on comfort and convenience

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