Basement Waterproofing To Get Rid Of The Musty Smell

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Water can cause damage to your home in so many different ways. One of the signs of water in your basement is damp basement walls and water stains on the basement ceiling. There are also different ways to solve a leaking basement where; basement waterproofing Mississauga is one of them.

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A wet basement results in the generation of a musty smell which affects the quality of air inside our home. Poor-quality air could contain contaminants that would result to discomfort in not only your home but also respiratory issues. Here is a discussion on how the process of basement waterproofing Mississauga can be the perfect way to get rid of the musty smell from the basement.

1. Checking For Water Damage

Once you realize a musty smell in your house, you should not just assume it is from your basement. However, the basement is the most likely cause; you should consider inspecting your basement for any possible signs of water damage. If your basement was previously flooded, you should look for signs of mold and mildew on any basement surface. You can also look for signs of dampness and leaks on the basement walls. When inspecting your basement for signs of the cause of the musty smell, you should make use of your senses, such as touch, smell, and listening to evaluate whether you can identify something out of the ordinary about your basement.

In case you don’t know how to do the basement inspection for signs of basement leakages, you should consider getting an expert to inspect order to have confidence in the final results. Once you have identified any solid sign that the musty smell is from the basement, you can go ahead to plan for solutions such as Basement waterproofing Mississauga.

2. Cleaning The Surfaces

Once you realize that the musty smell is coming from the basement, you next need to plan and activate the cleaning of the surfaces. You should fast-seal the cause of the cleaning before proceeding to do the surface cleaning. Cleaning is easy and does not require any special skills. You only need to use cleaning products that are safe for use in the basement, ensure you scrub the walls and the floors perfectly, and don’t forget the furniture and other surfaces in the basement. When doing the cleaning, ensure to use a disinfectant to kill any bacteria on surfaces. After cleaning, you should leave the surfaces completely dry before people or pets get into contact with the basement.

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3. Drying The Surfaces

To keep the basement dry at all times, you can make use of dehumidifiers and fans. They also help keep your basement well-ventilated to prevent the development of a musty smell. To avoid the recurrence of the development of the musty smell even after sealing leaks and cleaning all the surfaces, you need to get rid of all the wet items that were affected during the basement flooding. These items include books and furniture, which could have absorbed water. Sometimes Basement waterproofing Mississauga is not necessarily the solution; however it is the best cause of action. Keeping your basement well insulated is also a perfect way of minimizing the chances of moisture build-up.

4. Use A Fan Or Dehumidifier To Increase The Flow Of Air

Now that you have already realized that the musty smell is coming from the basement, the next thing is looking for possible solutions, either temporary or permanent. If there is no obvious cause of the musty smell such as a leaking basement, you should consider how you can work towards increasing the ventilation of the room. Using a dehumidifier or fun is the perfect way of increasing air circulation throughout your home.

5. Consider Basement Waterproofing

There are tons of ways of getting rid of the musty smell from the basement, but most of them are a temporary solutions. The most common permanent solution is Basement waterproofing Mississauga which completely removes the possibility of water leakages into the basement.

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