Things You Should always Check to Avoid Costly Repairs

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For the first time home buyer, a home inspection is a vital tool in his arsenal. Whether it’s your first home or the fifteenth one, having a home inspection done can be a vital aid in assessing the home’s worth. On the other hand, you could enlist a certified home inspector’s service to go through the potential buy with a fine tooth comb to assess whether it’s worth the buy or not. In case you aren’t lucky to come across one, you could also carry out your independent inspection, as long as you know what you are looking out for.

Things You Should always Check to Avoid Costly Repairs

This guide takes a look at the obvious things to look out for before committing to the sale. Indulge.

Roof and Gutter Inspection

You need to inspect the roof for any signs of clogged debris that may lead to drainage problems. It shouldn’t be a problem if the house is relatively new or the previous owner had a strict cleaning regime. Clogged rainwater can cause damage to the roof by causing rot to the beams and fascia boards. Furthermore, gutters should be in good working condition, diverting water away to prevent cracks and weakening the foundation. If you live in a fire-prone area, you need to be sure that your roof and gutters don’t act as leaf traps since it may pose a risk and quickly get the house burnt down. A roof and gutter cleaning ensures your safety and that there aren’t any holes on the gutter or roof that may compromise your stay once you decide to move in.

Air Duct Inspection

As in all new houses, the ductwork is usually clean. However, it wouldn’t hurt to physically inspect and ensure that the ductwork is clean of debris that may block your airflow. In most cases, it is left to the HVAC professionals who have the necessary tools. However, if you are a qualified professional, you’ll check whether it’s clean for medical reasons- avoiding respiratory ailments. Duct cleaning also reduces your utility cost since it increases efficiency. Your HVAC unit won’t work tirelessly, thus reducing your power bills. For air duct cleaning, please visit this website:

Tile Replacement

For a thorough inspection, you could use a ladder and binoculars to pinpoint areas with cracked tiles that would allow rainwater to seep in. Since clay tiles are more fragile than concrete tiles, it wouldn’t be appropriate to walk on them, causing more damage during repair. Staining in the attic could also point to issues with the tiles. If you need a tile repair, please contact ah Tile Installers Portland.

Things You Should always Check to Avoid Costly Repairs - broken tiles

Leaks or Moss

Moss can accumulate underneath or between your roof shingles over time. I know the image of a moss-roofed cottage may seem attractive and cozy, but in the real sense, they cause damage, resulting in expensive repair works. Moss removal does not only help your roof look attractive, but it also protects it in the long run. Your possessions are also not at risk of damage through moisture intrusion.


Whether you decide to conduct a personal home inspection or enlist the services of a professional, the fact is, you’ll be at peace knowing that you got good value for your money. You don’t want to conduct expensive repairs once you’ve settled in.

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