4 Little Known Advantages Of Epoxy Floors For Your Garage

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There are many options for garage floors depending on what you’re looking for; affordability, visual appeal, strength, durability or a little bit of everything. Some of the popular choices for garage floors are epoxy, polished concrete, vinyl flooring, and stone flooring.

4 Little Known Advantages Of Epoxy Floors For Your Garage

One highly recommended choice is epoxy floors. They’re a good option if you don’t want to replace your floor and would rather get a strong finish to protect. They also come with a great resale value and cost effectiveness. Here are some advantages of epoxy floors that will convince you to get epoxy garage floors:

1. Chemical Resistance

Garages are loaded with all the extra paint cans, fuel bottles, and repair chemicals of all kinds along with other tools. Not much of the floors are resistant to chemical spills, some of them being resin which are really hard to remove. Epoxy coatings have a really high resistance to chemicals that tend to damage floor surfaces like cleaning acids, bleach etc. and can easily be wiped off with any basic floor cleaner. Which makes getting an epoxy garage floor really worth the investment!

2. Easy Maintenance

Being liquid tight, epoxy floors are really easy to maintain. You don’t have to change the coatings every once in a while. Garage floors take hard beating in the long run, with almost every kind of hard stain you can think of. But if you get yourself an epoxy floor you won’t have to hear about any of that! You can simply use a wet mop to clean most of the stains since they don’t stick to the epoxy coating, hence saving you a lot of work and the cost of floor cleaners. Let’s face it, we would take easy maintenance over a beautiful design any day!

4 Little Known Advantages Of Epoxy Floors For Your Garage - garage floor

3. Cost Effectiveness

For a coating that has so many benefits, epoxy sure does cost cheap. Epoxy floors are really cost effective and come with a great cost benefit. They can really up the resale value of your home because they also have a great visual appeal. They come in various color coating and you can add any varnishings of your choice to give a bit more edge, and a high end epoxy coating will also brighten your garage area as well! You barely have to spend 5% of your budget for an overall epoxy.

4. Value For Money

One factor that every homeowner should keep in mind is whether the changes they are making to their property will increase the real estate value or decrease it? If you get a low cost floor that chips way in a few years, then what’s the point? In the long run, it will have you spend more money and energy than you would’ve spent on another otherwise good floor. One of the many reasons why you should choose epoxy floors is the longevity. Epoxy floors are known to last for years if taken care of properly. Because of the style, durability and longevity, epoxy floors add value to your house.

Epoxy floors are the best options for you if you don’t want to replace your base floors and just want an upgrade that changes the look of your garage and provides you with benefits like easy cleaning and maintenance. If done right, this is the most cost effective choice for you and will really up the contribution your garage has in the real estate value of your home. So save yourself a lot of struggle and use this guide to help you decide whether that epoxy coating is the best you can do for your garage floor with minimum effort!

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    It’s fortunate that you pointed out epoxy coatings’ exceptional resilience to substances that erode floor surfaces. I think it would be a good idea to try this out as my hubby has been wanting to give our garage a makeover. I’ll be sure to let him know about this and encourage him to look into expert services that can help us when we apply for a garage.

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