7 Reasons to Choose Artificial Grass for Balcony

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Artificial turf is a product produced as an alternative to natural grass and its raw material is petroleum. By having many more advantages than natural grass, artificial grass has evolved over the years, replacing natural grass, and is very useful in terms of usage advantages. Today, it is mostly used for decoration purposes in addition to sports grounds. It is also used in cafes, restaurants, garden landscapes, and balconies.

7 Reasons to Choose Artificial Grass for Balcony

In this article, you may find 7 reasons why to choose artificial grass for balcony.

Artificial Grass is a Long-lasting Product

The artificial grass used in balconies is very advantageous compared to natural grass in terms of usage time. In the field of landscaping, artificial grass allows use for at least 8-10 years if the usage instructions are followed. This period provides quite an advantage over natural grass. Using the same product for years will make you profitable in the long term.

Maintenance Costs Are Low

Although artificial grass seems to be more costly than natural turf at first glance, in the long term the cost of artificial grass will be much less. Because while natural grass needs additional maintenance costs such as irrigation, fertilization, and mowing, for artificial grass you will not have to deal with costs and works such as fertilizing and mowing.

It Is Unaffected by Natural Events

One of the biggest disadvantages of natural grass is that it is affected by natural events such as rain and snow. At the same time, the colors of the natural grass become yellow in sunny weather and the natural grass cannot preserve its green appearance for this reason. In contrast, artificial grass can be used in rainy weather and it is not affected by the sun’s rays. This allows people to create a balcony that can be used in all conditions.

It Is Easy to Apply

One of the most important works to be done in artificial grass application is the preparation of the existing ground. In order for the artificial grass to be used to look healthier and more beautiful on the ground, the ground must be suitable for it. If the infrastructure work is done correctly, synthetic grass can be applied to all floors easily.

Artificial turf on balcony

It Doesn’t Consist Harmful Materials

Although there are hesitations about the products whose raw material is petroleum, there is no harm in using artificial grass. In other words, you can use artificial grass on all floors with the peace of mind. In order to prevent the formation of bacteria caused by incorrect applications, you should seek support from a specialist company. The reason for the formation of bacteria is due to incorrect applications. In other words, there is no harm in artificial grass. It also minimizes the risk of injury from falls.

It Creates a Nice Atmosphere

Some people buy things in their homes that remind them of nature. Some of them buy flowers, some try to make their environment greener. At this point, artificial grass is a very advantageous product. When you cover the balcony with this product, you can create both a green and a spacious area. If you wish, you can play with your child or pets on this comfortable product. You may enjoy this peaceful atmosphere even while drinking coffee with your friends.

It is very easy to clean

Simply sweeping and, in very hot weather, spraying water on it to cool it will be sufficient. But it must be noted that using detergents that consist of heavy materials will cause the product to be worn. For this, care instructions must be considered.   If you want to create a pleasant space for yourself and a pleasant atmosphere where you can spend time with your loved ones, you can choose artificial grass. If you get support from a specialist company, you can use the product for many years and save money. All you have to do is choose a leading company and enjoy the green space you have created.

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