How To Keep Your Lawn Nice and Sharp With Ride On Lawn Mowers?

It’s finally time to mow the lawn. You’ve been dreading it for weeks now, but you know that if you want a nice, sharp looking lawn then this is what has to be done. There are ride on lawn mowers that will make your job easier and faster; they’re also more comfortable than pushing around a heavy push mower all day long!

How To Keep Your Lawn Nice and Sharp With Ride On Lawn Mowers

If ride on lawn mowers sound like the right choice for you, read our blog post to learn more about them and how to keep your ride on lawnmower working properly so it can keep your lawn nice and sharp at all times!

Why should you consider buying a ride on lawn mower

Power. For larger tasks, especially in tight spaces, riding lawn mowers are more efficient than push or self-standing types due to their ability to power over obstacles like trees and boulders. The rider can also see the terrain better when they’re on the top of the machine, giving them more control which in turn increases efficiency. And because it can operate with less clearance requirements than other machines that you might have to use a tow vehicle for, it’s easier and cheaper on fuel consumption too.

Keep your lawn nice and sharp with ride on lawn mowers

Mowing asks you to be disciplined and pay close attention to detail. The right amount of coverage is essential for a healthy lawn. Leaving your mower halfway on the grass will result in missed patches and holes, with increased exposure to weed seed and insect infestation. Check the level of the cut after every row, making sure it is even all around as well as above your desired level. This ensures that no blades are bent or broken, which could happen if you’re not attentive with how high the blade is set between cuts or go too fast up too steep of a hill or both!

Mow at the right height for the type of grass you have

Mowing at the right height can save you time, money, energy and maintain your lawn. For Bermuda Grass that grows medium-high, cut it before it gets to 4″. Cutting any higher may stress the grass out too much and cause it to develop bare patches. Twice a year is usually plenty for most lawns – Spring (March) when they are just emerging from dormancy, and Fall (November). Mowing an excessively high or low will cause problems, so read your mower’s manual for what is best for your type of grass. 

How To Keep Your Lawn Nice and Sharp With Ride On Lawn Mowers - ride on lawn mower

Use a mulching setting to keep clippings from flying around

Ride on lawn mowers allow mulching of clippings without leaving a mess. One of the benefits of riding on lawn mowers is that they have an optimal position to mulch. These machines are terrific because they simultaneously cut, collect, and even partially bag the grass at the same time. This means less work for you to do afterwards, but also cleaner lanes because there’s no unnecessary debris laying around to get dragged onto someone else’s property or into flower beds by animals, etc.

Mow in straight lines, not circles or random patterns

Mowing in straight lines helps the mower do its job better by using all its blades at once. By moving on a diagonal or on an elliptical pattern, only some of the blades are being used – so you have to go over it twice to cut more evenly. Mow patterns are not random, but they are hard to remember unless someone told you what pattern they were doing or you took note of it beforehand. The lawn looks better if you take your time and do not rush through it either because that causes thinning patches where the grass is thinned out and there’s bare earth between clumps of thinned out grass-like seen with areas that weren’t mowed for months. 

Remove any sticks, stones, or other debris before starting to mow so it doesn’t damage your blades

It’s important to remove any sticks, stones, or other debris before starting to mow. This will protect your lawnmower blades and the wear and tear on your machine by preventing damage due to foreign objects that may not be seen. A way to help you tell if there are hidden hazards is by running at lower speeds until you can safely sweep all objects away with relative ease.

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