Air Purifier Tips on How to Get Rid Of The Smell In Your Basement

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Having a basement means having an extra space that you can turn into a multi-functional room, such as a workshop or entertainment area. However, a major disadvantage of having a basement is the odor that can accumulate in it. If this is a problem you have to deal with, you‘ll need an excellent basement air purifier and eliminate its cause to get rid of that foul smell.

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Causes of Basement Odor

More than just having a basement air purifier ready, it’s important that you identify the leading cause of that bad smell in your basement. Determining the true culprit can help guide you in choosing the best air purifier. Here are some of the common causes of basement smell:

  • Humidity – The rise in humidity could cause moisture in the air as well as condensation on the walls, which leaves a foul odor lingering in the indoor air of your basement.
  • Mold and Mildew – Those black formations on your walls after a basement flood are caused by bacteria. They produce a foul smell and also pose various respiratory health risks.
  • Pipe Leaks – Gas and sewer pipe leaks that run along basement ceilings could release a vomit-inducing smell in the room.
  • Dirt and Clutter – If the basement is used as a storage room, the accumulation of dust, moisture, and cluttered stuff can all contribute to the foul smell. Others use the basement as a laundry area and leave baskets of smelly and dirty laundry.

Choosing an Odor-Killing Air Purifier

To maximize the use of your basement air purifier, here are the features you should keep in mind when choosing the odor-killing basement air purifier that’s best for you:

There are many air purifiers in the market, but not all of them can effectively get rid of the smell in your basement. The two types of air purifiers that are most viable in getting rid of basement odor are:

HEPA or High-Efficiency Particulate Air – HEPA Air Purifiers use filters that can filter out pollutants and air particulates of up to 0.1 microns. This powerful filtration system enables a HEPA air purifier to get rid of molds, spores, and dust. Some HEPA air purifiers also come with activated carbon filters that can significantly reduce and eliminate bad odor.

PCO or Photocatalytic Oxidation – Compared to HEPA which uses powerful filters, a PCO air purifier uses the power of UV light. A PCO air purifier uses a powerful fan to suck in the pollutants and particulates in the air. These pollutants get treated through the air purifier’s most distinct feature, the broad-spectrum UV light, and titanium dioxide catalyst film. The UV light reacts with the catalyst film to produce ions that can destroy air pollutants, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), and microorganisms, or turn them into harmless substances.
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Scent Diffusion – Breathing in clean indoor air is already good for your health. However, some people prefer to excite or calm their senses by breathing in their favorite scents as well. You can buy an air purifier that comes with a scent diffuser. You can use natural essential oils for a natural healing effect. Stepping into your basement could feel like stepping into a garden of flowers.

Automatic Function – Running down the stairs to your basement over and over again can be exhausting and also make you prone to falling. You don’t have to keep running to and from the basement if you have an air purifier that has an automatic on and off setting.
Pollution Level Detection – If your basement is too smelly and has too much pollutants, you’d want to have your air purifier do its work with more power. But any machine that’s constantly running on maximum power is also prone to early damage. You have to buy an air purifier that can measure air pollutant levels and adjust its performance based on these readings.

Energy Saver – Air purifiers are powered by electricity. If you leave your basement air purifier on 24/7, you could be paying twice or thrice your usual electric bill. So, buy an air purifier that has an energy-saving feature.

Filter Change Prompt – When you miss changing the filters of your air purifier, its cleaning power is reduced, and it could leave more pollutants instead. Choose an air purifier that gives air filter status so you’d know when it’s time to change or replace filters. And since it allows you to give your air purifier a good cleaning and maintenance, this also saves you the cost of having to buy a new purifier.

Keeping your basement free from bad odors depends on how clean and tidy it is. The more space you allow indoor air to circulate, the better. No matter how many times you use an air purifier, if you fail to do your part in cleaning your basement, it won’t be of any help. So, set aside time to sweep and organize your basement.

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