Everything you Should Know About Pest Control

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Hopefully, you will never need to call in pest control experts or endure the distress of finding that you have a huge bed bug or cockroach problem. However, it is always worth understanding the different situations that can occur around the home. Especially when you already have a keen interest in handyman tips, and DIY methods. Ironically, it is during moments of DIY that some people find out they have a pest problem. While ripping out walls, or knocking through them, it can become clear that you have been providing residence for a hidden colony of pests.

Everything you Should Know About Pest Control

If you are interested in learning a little about pest control and prevention, then keep reading below. There may be one or two myths dispelled, and also a little on how you can contain these problems yourself.

How important is pest control?

It is highly unlikely that anyone would be happy to live in a home with any type of pest. Of course, some regions and climates around the world favor some pests more than others. Alaska is unlikely to have much of a mosquito problem for instance when compared to Thailand. When you look at Southeast Asia and mosquitos though, then you can see just how important pest control can be at the worst levels. For some, having ants in their home can be a nuisance that can be controlled. For others, some pests can actually carry lethal diseases. It is important that when a problem is found that adequate pest removal methods are carried out. Usually, this means hiring professional pest control experts. Especially when an individual’s health is concerned.

Can pest control impact your health?

Pest control and pest infestation could technically both impact your health. Using pesticides inappropriately could harm a person’s health, but ignoring pests could be equally as bad. The CDC has reported that rats carry around 35 different diseases. And rats are a long way from being the only pest you can encounter in your home. Cockroaches, bed bugs, fleas, mites, ticks, mice, ants, flies, and termites, can all affect your physical or mental health, or just plain outright damage your home. Some pests such as termites don’t carry diseases in the way that cockroaches do, but they can certainly destroy the structure of your house. Mental health can also be a concern with a pest infestation, and having to live with an ongoing problem can lead to stress and other mental wellness issues.

Cleanliness is vital to controlling pests

This is a little contentious actually. While there is a lot of truth in certain pests being attracted to waste, and liking to nest in rubbish, others are quite happy in the cleanest of homes. As Insider reports, it is not always true that pests like dirty areas. They report on the myth that bed bugs like dirty crawl spaces. These bugs are happy to live inside mattresses, and cracks in walls and the ceiling. However, keeping a home clean is a good pest control method for prevention. Food waste lying around will attract flies, cockroaches, mice, and other pests. Basically, pests are looking for the same things as humans; shelter, warmth, and food. By eliminating some of these points, you can reduce the chances of pests.

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Can you control pests yourself, or must you use professional services?

As a keen handyman, you are probably more concerned about controlling pests yourself than hiring a professional to do the job. There are some very good eco-friendly pest control methods that you can use at home. But the problem with some home methods for pest control is that they aren’t good enough for real infestations. Some pests are extremely difficult to get rid of. Termites are notorious for building up huge colonies before they start to destroy a home. These colonies can be as many as 1 million. Your bug spray from the local hardware store is only going to go so far. So, the answer is that yes you can carry out pest control methods, and some may be preferable to you than commercial techniques. But, there will be times when professional assistance is called for.

What are the dangers of ignoring pest control?

According to the experts from pest control in Port St Lucie, ignoring pest control and prevention could be financial suicide. In the home though, it could mean putting your family’s health at risk or losing value on your home. If mice and rats get into the house they can breed remarkably quickly. And they like to chew. In fact, rats can happily chew through bricks and cables. This means that they can cause a considerable amount of damage to a home in a short time. Rats also spread disease as mentioned before. And many other pests also do. Ignoring pests could also mean you become extremely unpopular with the neighbors. Bed bugs and other pests can spread between condos easily, and if you ignore the problem, you may unwittingly enable it to grow.

How do you pick a good pest control firm?

While you may be happy to tackle flies and ants in your home, you may decide that a cockroach infestation is too much. At this time you will be looking for a pest control company to come in. The main reason for using pest control experts is that they know common house pests and how to deal with them. But also, they will have the tools and methods to carry out a thorough job. The most common way to choose a pest control company will be through the net. Searching for reviews and such is usually helpful. Recommendations are also a good way to find a pest control expert. The only problem here is that many people won’t admit to having had a pest problem.


There are many more things to understand about pest control, and prevention is one of them. If you live in an area that is more likely to be prone to pests such as mice, then a pest control expert can help you to assess your potential risks. By closing off entry points and realizing what pests may be attracted to your home, you may stop any problem from ever occurring. If you do have a pest problem though, only tackle it yourself when it is manageable. The big problems such as termites and roaches need professional removal.

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