How to Write a Cleaning Services Proposal

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A cleaning services company proposal is an important tool that can be used to drive home points, detailing your competitive advantage to potential clients. When writing a cleaning services proposal, you can sell your services to the client and be awarded the contract without having to lower your prices.

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The following are some tips that are useful for any cleaning service company in need of a powerful proposal that would potentially win them more contracts.

Don’t Place Too Much Focus on Cleaning 

When writing a cleaning services proposal, limit it to a few things that would make your company and the services offered stand out. This would get the potential client excited about the company. If you are sending a proposal to new customers offering estimates for your services, then it is safe to assume that the client knows that you have the proper supplies and equipment and that the staff is experienced in janitorial duties. The average person is also not overly excited about commercial cleaning services, but they will get excited when there is something that sets you apart from other companies, something that makes what you offer interesting, over and above janitorial services.

Tell the Client Why You Do What You Do

There is a need for businesses to communicate what they do, which in this case is cleaning services. There is also a need for communicating how this is done, like offering quality cleaning services that meet the expectations of the client. What is often overlooked by many businesses is communicating to potential clients why that is in the line of business they are in. Reasons can range to form the creation of meaningful employment for cleaners or to fulfill a passion for making other people’s lives easier. Including the reason as to why you do what you do can have an impact on the expectations of the potential customer as well as their perception of your company. “What you do is proof of what your company believes in, and what your company believes is the “why” of your company and the services you offer. This should essentially come at the beginning of the proposal,” says Jessica Miles, a business writer at and

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Show Your Competitive Advantage

Showing how you are different from your competition might be the most important thing you do in the proposal. It shows the client why they should choose you and not the other company. This should be professionally but subtly hinted at in the proposal, not in one specific section of the proposal. You can hint your competitiveness in multiple sections of the proposal. Do not be afraid to mention the things that you do differently and better than other companies the potential client might be considering working with. “Weave your competitive advantage and your differentiation naturally into the proposal. Think about the various processes and practices of your business that impact the satisfaction of your customers, as this is what makes you different from your competitors,” advises Brian Eaton, a marketer at MLA Formatted Outline and Paper-Research. Some examples include lower cleaner turnover rates because of employee satisfaction, a unique strategy for ensuring quality, or innovative technology that improves quality.

Point Out How Your Services Will Impact the Client

You might be the owner or proprietor of a company, seeking a contract to work with or for another company, but it is a human being who will read the proposal and decide whether to proceed with your cleaning company or not. It is also a human being who will sign a check for you. Some of the benefits that might accrue to an organization that seeks out a professional cleaning company include a morale boost from having a fresh and clean working space. This can also result in fewer sick days and an increase in productivity where cleaning services are not delegated to the employees but professional cleaners. It is important to be as specific as possible with the impact of your cleaning services on the employees and the organization as a whole so that the client can picture those improvements.

Many cleaning companies do not take advantage of proposals, and the opportunities that a well thought out and well-written proposal can open for a janitorial company. The cleaning services industry is filled with companies whose competition is based on price. These companies over-promise, underbid contracts and in most cases under-deliver on their promises. This means that for competitive cleaning companies that want to bid and win competitive contracts, they need to impress their potential clients from the get-go and a well written professional proposal would work well to bring in a client.

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