4 Window Treatment Ideas To Bring Your Home To Life

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Window treatment can freshen up your home without breaking the bank. Enhancing windows in your space can be done by customizing or adding treatments like blinds, shutters, and shades. Aside from the functionality and essentials, it also provides aesthetic appeal with their elegant look. Choosing the best window treatment ideas for your home can be tricky.

4 Window Treatment Ideas To Bring Your Home To Life

Hence, in this article, decision-making can be easy if you know which ideas can bring life to your home by considering the pros and cons of various window treatments.


Window blinds comprise horizontal and vertical slats connected by cords that can be tilted open and close, allowing light to pass through. The entire set can be moved up and down or pulled to the sides.

Blinds should fit with window styles so they can fit with the general look and theme of your windows. It’s also important to accurately measure the dimensions of your windows because there’s no standard size for it. For instance, Make My Blinds offers made to measure orders, ensuring that window blinds fit well.

Furthermore, blinds can be made from various materials and available in many styles, such as:

  • Wood Blinds: These are natural wood slats but painted or stained for a classic treatment complementing decorative designs. These blinds are easy to operate due to their simple construction. It can be available in several finishes like light pine, bamboo, or richly stained ebony. You can add wood blinds with drapery for a stylish look.
  • Faux Wood Blinds: This is usually the first choice when looking for the best value and simplest look because it’s affordable, attractive, efficient, and low-maintenance. Faux wood is similar to wood blinds, but the former is cheaper and more durable. These blinds are ideal for humid climate conditions or high-moisture rooms because they don’t fade.
  • Panel Track Blinds: These blinds are best suited for sliding glass doors and large picture windows. They’re great in covering large spaces and look better in a series of panels on a track system slide that’s open and closed. Panel track blinds can be used as a room divider when installed over the ceiling. It can also be available in different materials like basic vinyl, solar screens, or woven woods.
  • Mini Blinds: These blinds also offer the lowest cost option in window treatments because they’re basic. You can have privacy by simply controlling the light with a simple twist. Mini blinds can also be available in a wide range of colors, various materials, and thickness to accommodate the kind of illumination you want to have.

Installing blinds on windows offer several advantages, which include easy adjustment in controlling the amount of light that enters by simply tilting the slats in different angles. Also, blinds are easy to clean just by wiping them. This can be especially true for vinyl and faux wood blinds installed in environments with high humidity since they don’t trap water. Nevertheless, window blinds provide limited but clear views since you can just tilt the slats.


Shutters are best for long-term window treatments because they can last for many years and are low-maintenance. They’re sturdier and more expensive than blinds, but they’re worth it in terms of style and function. Shutters offer an elegant look aside from its classic style. Furthermore, shutters can be installed either indoors or outdoors. Exterior shutters are best for homeowners who don’t like interior window treatments and are used for houses that need protection against strong winds and the sun. Additionally, it’s important to select the best hurricane shutters that are made from highly durable materials if your house often experiences this natural phenomenon. On the other hand, interior shutters can control incoming light, offer privacy, and add insulation against heat, cold, and sound. Truly, shutters are impressive as an architectural statement and can add value to your home with their aesthetic appeal and function.

Drapery And Curtains

Drapes and curtains are made of fabric, though there’s a distinction between them in terms of style, thickness, form, and cost. Curtains are usually shorter compared to drapes, and just extend below the windowsill and above the floor. They’re available in pairs or single panels, and are made of lighter fabric that lets light pass through. Sometimes, they can be accompanied by a lighter curtain. On the other hand, drapes are thicker and lined. These are sold in pairs and have a more formal decorative appeal. Drapes are more expensive and longer than curtains because they usually skim the floor. They’re best paired with another window treatment like wooden blinds, a cellular shade, or a rustic woven wood shade.

4 Window Treatment Ideas To Bring Your Home To Life - blinds

Having drapes and curtains on your window offers better insulation against sound because it’s made of fabric. These can be easily installed by hanging them from a rod. The drawback with curtains and drapes involves their maintenance. They’re susceptible to stains and molds when hung in messy environments. It’s hard to keep them clean and wiping simply won’t work. Most homeowners resort to professional cleaning services for their curtains to ensure the quality of the fabric remains the same, though this naturally costs more money.


Another window treatment that can work for your home is installing shades. These are made from a single piece of fabric and can be adjusted like horizontal blinds. There a wide range of materials and styles depending on your preferred design. Shades are perfect solutions for UV protection and filtering light. It also offers convenience and privacy. Popular types of shades include:

  • Cellular Shades: These types provide insulation and energy-efficiency with their small pockets of cells that maintain a stable temperature. The cells trap the air and help keep the heat out during summer and the warmth in during winter. These can be available in many colors and their cordless feature makes them a favorite among families that have kids or pets.
  • Roller Shades: These shades are a straightforward and cost-efficient window treatment option. Their basic operation involves the shade hanging when lowered, then rolling up into a cylindrical rod when it’s raised. Roller shades can be in different forms of fabric like sheer fabric, blackout material, and even a palette of patterns. Available printing technologies today allow you to create images or designs on the roller shade. Some businesses even use these shades for instant advertising.
  • Roman Shades: These give a great impression of drapery with shade functions that open and close easily. They hang like a panel when closed and look similar to a valance when they fold up. Roman shades can be available in various styles to fit into indoor decor like traditional and contemporary designs.

However, there are drawbacks to having shades, one of which is that it has less light-filtering flexibility since it can only be raised and lowered. A better option when it comes to light-filtering are layered and sheer shades. Another difficulty involves cleaning as this is more cumbersome compared to blinds due a shade’s fabric material.

Bottom Line

Whatever you choose among these treatments, they’ll surely bring life and add value to your home. Whether it’s mounted on a bedroom window or kitchen the window, any window treatment will stand out as long as it complements your home’s design.

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