Turn Your Backyard into a Starlit Sanctuary

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As every homeowner with a piece of backyard, you’ve probably thought to yourself about what a great space your backyard could be. Most people when buying a home either underestimate or only consider the backyard for the space it can be during the day. But making the most of your backyard is all about the night as much as the day.
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If you want to make your backyard that all day retreat then use these tips to turn your backyard into a starlit sanctuary.

Light it up

When we talk about using your backyard at night, the most pressing priority obviously has to be lighting. LED garden lights are a fantastic way to add a bit of brightness and style to your backyard. Not only will they create a soft and gentle welcome to the space, but LED’s are also an excellent energy efficient option which will give you plenty of nights of bright entertainment. Lighting the backyard however isn’t just about efficiency. You want a soft lighting that doesn’t mean you are staring into the suns offsider. Garden lighting is a great way to add a gentle brightness to your backyard space and also won’t attract all those pesky insects a larger lighting counterpart might.

Bring the inside, outside

Often times, when you see a couch set on grass, your first thought might be hard rubbish collection. However, a well-selected outdoor furniture set or accent item can really add that touch of class to your backyard. Furniture manufacturers these days have a great range of indoor/outdoor hybrid pieces. Look for the sturdy design of an outdoor piece with the comfort of an indoor piece. Using accent pieces in your backyard is an easy way to ensure people not only enjoy themselves when they come over, but they want to come back.

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Food is always good

Depending on your budget, one of the essential ways to creating that backyard sanctuary is food. Whether it is a simple BBQ set up or a full outdoor kitchen, making sure you don’t have to keep going back and forth from inside to outside is crucial. Setting up a space where you can prepare and cook food in the backyard is a great way to give your backyard space a welcoming feel. When you have guests over, it means you can be present at all times, while still preparing that dinner. Look for opportunities or areas where you can build the necessary items into the backyard.

Make it usable all year round

One of the great tragedies of the backyard space can be when it is either too hot or cold to use. To avoid that dilemma and really transform your sanctuary space, look for options to avoid those barriers. If your budget and space allow, install fans to help cool down those warm evenings. For those cold nights in winter, consider putting in a simple fire pit to keep warm and toasty. Not only will a simple fire pit keep you warm, but it offers a whole other dimension to the sanctuary, roasting marshmallows. Whatever your space will allow, planning for the weather conditions is key to creating your sanctuary. The backyard can really be a feature to any property with the right love and attention. Instead of only getting use out of it during the day with the kids, look for opportunities to create a welcoming space at all times of the day. Think about the design and features you can install to help make that bland backyard area into a sanctuary of its own.

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