Why choose an above-ground pool and other important considerations

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A private, at-reach place to relax, a spot to hang out with your friends, the perfect entertainment corner for your kids during summer – a swimming pool can be all of these things and more, so it’s understandable why you are considering adding one in your back yard. Pool installation, however, can seem like a complicated process. Building a pool from scratch might seem like a lot of work, not to mention the financial investment it will require. However, an above-ground alternative could be the ideal option you’ve been looking for.

Why choose an above-ground pool

If you’re thinking about getting a pool for you and your family, you should first assess the benefits of an above-ground design. The following details will show you why above-ground pools are so popular and will also highlight a few other considerations to have if you go through with this project:

Affordability of above ground pools

Let’s start with, possibly, the most relevant aspect here and that is money. If you and your family have been wanting a pool for a long time, but have been afraid of the costs, an above-ground model might tackle your worries here. These designs are far more budget-friendly than any traditional inground pool. As soon as you start comparing prices, you will conclude that this type of pool style is actually quite affordable, and you can finally turn your wish of being a pool owner into a reality, without having to tap into your savings. The difference in terms of price clearly shows why above-ground pools have become so popular lately. With this option you can provide your dear ones with years of backyard entertainment, while keeping your expenses to a minimum.

Appealing variety

Perhaps you are contemplating on the visual effects this yard addition will actually have on your outdoor area. Well, although at first glance, an inground pool might seem more aesthetically-drawing, once you actually look into the variety of shapes and sizes available, you will conclude that an above-ground pool can contribute to your yard’s aesthetics as well. The market holds a lot of great choices for you. You can pick from resin, aluminum and steel sidings. You can choose decorative wall patterns, as well as a decking option that contributes to the curb appeal of your outdoor setting. Options are plenty, above-ground pools coming in many sizes and designs, so finding something you actually like won’t be hard at all.

Why choose an above-ground pool - swimming

Ease of installation

From the moment you decide you want a pool to the moment you actually get to go for a dive can be a while, if you choose to build the pool from scratch, not to mention the effort you’ll have to put into the entire project. With an above-ground pool, however, you’ll also benefit from ease of installation. Besides getting an affordable type of pool for home, you won’t have to start searching for experienced contractors, turn your yard into an entire mess, and deal with a lot of unforeseen installation challenges.

Many people choose an above-ground model for this reason alone, it’s simply easier to install it, and it takes far less time to do it. With some help from friends or neighbors, and some basic handyman skills, you’ll have your pool ready to be used and won’t pay expensive service fees to a team of workers.


An above-ground pool is also more versatile. If you ever plan on relocating, it will be easy to sell it, give away, or take it with you. Moving it around the garden to suit new layout changes is also possible. Perhaps, at some point, you want to remodel your entire outdoor area, and the pool might look better in another corner, and in comparison with inground versions, this option provides you with movability, which can come in handy at some point in the future.

Why choose an above-ground pool - baloons in the pool


What you shouldn’t neglect here is the practicality provided as well. Perhaps you only have a small lot available, and building an inground pool would be almost impossible. This alternative instead can easily fit into a small space with no problems. It’s easy to be carried in and set up, and you can still leave some space for leisure – it won’t take up the entire lot.

Installation tips

  • Get all the tools you need – From tape measures to skimmers, there are a few necessary tools you will need in the installation process. Make a list of essentials and get everything you need before you actually start setting up the pool.
  • Make sure the ground is level – Besides choosing the perfect spot for installation, you should also check if the ground is properly leveled. This will ensure the safety of the structure, so don’t neglect it.
  • Follow the instructions and watch tutorials online – Don’t start the installation without having some clear instructions nearby. Because this is the first time you are actually setting up the pool, it’s normal to have some questions. Watch tutorials online, and don’t take any steps without being properly and fully informed.
  • Have someone help you out – Although installing an above-ground pool can easily be a DIY project, it’s best if you have a couple of friends help you out. Because you will need to do a bit of lifting, and there are several steps involved, in the process, you will speed things up with a bit of extra support.

These are the things you should know about if you’ve been thinking lately about adding an above-ground pool to your back yard. Having a swimming pool on your property can be advantageous from several points of view, but constructing one and going for an inground version can imply spending more time or money than you might actually afford. As you can see, an above-ground design is an appealing alternative, and if you have some handyman skills, you can get more involved in the installation process. Keep in mind these few aspects when you are on the hunt for a swimming pool.

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