Listen, it’s going to cost you an average of $35,823 to $62,625 for an indoor ground swimming pool. Yes, that’s how expensive a pool is! The long and short of it is that you need to think about what you really need before you dive into the project.

Getting the Basics Right Before Building a Pool

The last thing you want to do is to get a pool because your neighbor, college pal, or younger brother has one. Planning, building, and maintaining a spa or swimming pool isn’t a whim. It involves changing your property’s landscape dramatically. Plus, pool and spa projects often cost more than you anticipate. So, before you take the plunge, ask yourself;

Do You Want a Pool, Hot Tub, or Spa?

Start by meeting with your family for a brainstorming session. You want to “get in touch with everyone’s desires and needs.” Let your household members write the reason they’d love to have a swimming pool. Analyze each person’s opinion, even your little monster at the table. Remember, a pool will disrupt your lives for months upon months.

What Will You Use it For?

Are you a swimming enthusiast and plan on swimming laps? Did your physician recommend a hot tub or pool for therapeutic purposes? Do you intend to entertain your visitors in and around the pool? Are you doing it for your kids and their friends? Determine who will use the pool and for what reasons.

What Type of Pool Do You Want?

There’s a host of swimming pool types out there, with all manner of shapes, sizes, and combinations. One of the most exciting aspects of the project is “pool shopping.” Be sure to read books, blogs, and magazines to get ideas. Visit homes, garden pool, and patios to see a couple of spas hot tubs and spas in action. Oh and don’t forget to gather brochures.

What Size and Shape?

If you have a sprawling estate, well, you’re in luck. Your primary consideration is going to be where on your extensive property you want to place your spa or pool, together with a theme park and vegetable garden. If you have a smaller lot, you’ll have to put your creativity cap on. You need to come up with a special design that will work for the available space.

What’s your Budget?

Oh yeah – that! Builders and suppliers like to say “there’s a pool for every budget,” which is, in essence, a sales pitch. Of course, financing a swimming pool project is like any other home addition, and you can only go with what you can afford. Some sources of money include inheritance, savings, lines of credit, home equity accounts, or loans.

So, you’ll need to shelve that trip to Atlantic City or you next casino if that’s what it takes to get the job done. As stated, you should expect to spend more than you’d initially anticipated.

Getting the basics right before building a pool - beautiful pool

Maintenance – You or a Pro?

Ah, maintenance. Chlorine, test kits, heaters, and cleaners – the list is endless. On top of that, you’ll have to decide if you need a single, double, variable speed pump or a submersible alternative. Also, determine if you’ll get time to maintain your pool or if you can afford to hire a monthly maintenance service to do the dirty work on your behalf. Research local rates and most importantly know what entails proper maintenance of a swimming pool, hot tub, or spa.

Will this Raise the Value of your Home?

Everyone wanted to own a private backyard swimming pool back in the day. Then, it became apparent that maintaining and repairing a pool is costly, and many opted out, especially during the recession that began in 2008. Think about building, fixing, maintenance, and upgrading costs before deciding if you want to install a hot tub or spa in your living space.

Is this your “Forever” Home?

Do you plan to spend a considerable amount of time in your home? Is this going to be your retirement abode? Or, will your nature of job transfer you to another location? Consider your long term plans before building a pool. Will you live in the same house, with the same backyard and continue to enjoy the benefit of that pool years down the line?

In Conclusion

There’s every reason to install a swimming pool, hot tub, or spa in your home. Still, you need to get everything correct before you get started. After all, you’re going to spend a tidy sum on your project, and you want value for your cash.