Why Call a Locksmith vs. a Car Dealership?

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Probably the worst way to end a long day at work is to return to your car and realize that your keys don’t work or that you have lost them. Although giving an extra key to a relative or trusted friend can help prevent you from having any significant delays, it’s also good to call on a reliable mobile locksmith for help.

Why Call a Locksmith vs. a Car Dealership

Sometimes an accident happens, and car key replacement is needed, like if they are accidentally dropped in the garbage or fall down the garbage disposal. When this happens, it’s surprising how frequently you need an extra set of car keys. This is when it becomes more convenient to call up an automotive locksmith instead!

The Benefits of Hiring Locksmith Over a Car Dealership

Below we go over some of the best reasons you should call a locksmith over a dealership when having issues with your car keys.

The Cost of An Automotive Locksmith

It cannot be ignored that the cost of hiring an automotive locksmith is far less than what you would pay at a car dealership. Car dealerships are generally known for their high rates, especially for more complex tasks that involve fixing mechanical components or traditional manual labor. Prices will inflate even further on services that rely on high technology, such as transponder key programming or cutting of new car keys. You are highly recommended to call a locksmith when in need of something like this.

The Convenience by Hire Automotive Locksmith

You never know when and where you will need to get your car keys replaced. It can happen anywhere, at any time of day or night. When that’s happened, and you decide to go to the dealership option, you’ll have to make an appointment, and sometimes this can take weeks before you can get it. Not to mention that your car needs to be towed to the service center. Hiring an automotive locksmith can save all the hassle and time. There is nothing more convenient than to have your car keys replaced at your location and at the time that suits you best. The locksmith will come to your place anytime, day or night, whenever you need.

Equipment Needed

Car key replacement is not something that can be done without the proper equipment. There are times when you can harm your car even more if the replacement is not done correctly. Not all dealerships have this equipment that eventually makes them call a locksmith to do the job, so why not do this yourself in the first place? You are probably wondering if all the locksmiths have the required equipment to make your car keys. The answer is no! Not every locksmith has this equipment because it is expensive and needs the knowledge to operate it for locksmith services. By providing the locksmith with the make and the model of your car, they will be able to determine whether they have the equipment to make your car keys or not. Hiring a locksmith is going to save you time and money in the long run.

Why Call a Locksmith vs. a Car Dealership - car locksmith

Automotive Locksmith and Technology

Over the years, technology has grown exponentially in many sectors, car keys being one of them. Nowadays, car keys have many more capabilities than just unlocking and starting the vehicle that they are from. Some keys come with a chip programmed to the car’s computer for it to start; this means that you will need a locksmith with technology to replicate keys correctly. This is particularly important when you lose your keys, and you need new ones.

Some people think that a car dealership is the only option when a new car key needs to be made. However, this is not the case. Professional locksmiths have the appropriate technology for programming any car key so that you will save time and money.

Final Thoughts

The benefits of hiring a locksmith for car key replacement are numerous. For one, it’s cheaper than going to a car dealership. Secondly, you can get your keys replaced at any time and location that suits you best—not just during the hours they’re open or on-site. Thirdly, the locksmiths are equipped to make new car keys with or without chips. Finally, locksmiths have the most up-to-date technology to program your keys.

This article wrote by the owner of ASAP Locksmith, Dustin Fernandez. ASAP Locksmith has many years of experience in automotive locksmith services. They assist all the major cities in Dallas, Texas, and the surrounding areas. The company is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to provide professional automotive locksmith services with the shortest possible response time.

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