Different Creative Ways to Unlock a Car Door

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Getting locked out of your car is frustrating. The usual cause of this problem is either forgetting the keys inside the car or getting them broken, stolen, or misplaced. What’s worse is that it happens when you are in a hurry going to work, picking up your kids from school, or attending an important event.

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Luckily, there are several clever ways that you can try to unlock your car. Spoiler alert, they are not easy to conduct. Most of those methods require precision, patience, and accuracy to open your car’s door successfully. Car manufacturers design their products with heightened security in their minds, so stealing your car wouldn’t be easy as it was before.

How to Unlock Your Car Door Without a Key

If you got locked out of your car and have no with your spare mechanical key, here are some clever and creative ways to unlock it:

  1. Shoelace

If the model of your car has a vertical knob for a lock, a shoelace is extremely helpful in unlocking its door. Ensure that your string is longer than the length of the window. You would need the excess to move the lace from the outside. The first step is to slip the lace through the rubber cover of the car door and make a slip knot, then pull the string until the loop is inside. Move the lace until the knot gets hooked on the lock, and pull it up until you hear a click. The instruction may seem easy, but this technique requires good mobility and skills to perform.

  1. Clothes Hanger

Similar to the shoelace method, you can use a clothes hanger to unlock your car door by twisting and hooking it over the lock. The downside of using this as an unlocking tool is that it is challenging to slip through the car’s window or door to access the mechanism inside, but it is more stable than a shoelace.

  1. Rod and Screwdriver

Using a rod and screwdriver in unlocking is best for older car models with a horizontal lock because their doors are looser than the new ones on the market today. To unlock your car door, slightly pry open the door using the screwdriver, and once the opening is big enough for the rod, insert it inside to unlock the mechanism.

  1. Plastic Wrap

Using a plastic wrap to unlock a car’s door is similar to the shoelace and hanger methods. The downside of using this instead of the other two is that it can tear easily. You might need a few plastic bags before opening your car’s doors.

  1. Cellphone and Tablet

Technology today has allowed car manufacturers to develop and integrate it into their cars to ensure maximum security. If you have a modern car, there is a high possibility that you can unlock it using an application that you can download from your cellphone or tablet. They developed these smartphone applications for emergencies, such as a lock-out situation where you forgot the keys. The newer models of cars can be used to quickly and efficiently solve this problem.

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When to Call for Professional Help

If you have no access to any of the devices and tools above, it is the perfect time to call for rescue. Remember that any issue with a lock system is a matter of personal security concern. A spare key can easily save you from getting locked out of your car for a long time, so if you have a family or friend living nearby, ask them to get it from its storage to bring to you. You can also contact 911, especially if you are in danger. They can send a rescue team within a couple of minutes.

You can also tap one of your local automotive locksmiths in Avon to assist you in unlocking your car’s doors. Many offer 24/7 emergency services, so you don’t have to worry about getting locked out during nighttime or holidays. All you need to do is dial their hotline, inform them about your predicament, and provide details about your car and whereabouts. They should arrive at your location within minutes after the call. It would help if you thoroughly inform them about the details of your car and its lock system, so they know the tools and equipment to bring to deliver their services effectively.

Key Takeaway

When you get locked out of your car, you can try many creative ways to open it. There are tools and devices available in the market that you use to open its doors. You can also contact nearby family or friends to help you with your predicament. However, contacting a professional automotive locksmith is the best way to solve your problem. They have the experience and appropriate skills to unlock your car safely. This way, you can avoid damaging your vehicle further.

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