What is Drain Jetting?

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Drain jetting services can be an invaluable option if you are dealing with clogged, blocked, or otherwise damaged drains. But what is it, and how does it really work?

What is Drain Jetting

If you think you might need drain specialists, here is a rundown of when it might be helpful.

What Are Drain Jetting Services?

Drain jetting involves pumping high-pressure water into a drain or sewage pipe, cleaning it out quickly and efficiently by breaking down whatever the blockages may be. By firing out the water at a much higher pressure than normal, most obstructions can be cleared away or broken down, removing the issue and opening up the drain to make it work properly again. In theory, this method can be used to clean any solid blocked pipes, as long as they are tough enough to withstand the water being fired into them. Each stream of water can be used as either a short burst or a sustained attack, depending on how bad the problem is. Think of it like flushing your toilet but doing it to the entire drain system, and with a lot more force behind it! The general idea is that the water will remove the blockage, either by soaking into it, forcing it apart with the high pressure, or just managing to send it further down the pipe (and, hopefully, to a spot where it will not block the water flow).

What Do Drain Specialists Do?

Drain specialists are anybody with special training or experience in cleaning and maintaining drains. Drain specialists are usually the ones behind drain jetting services since clearing out the blockage can still take some very precise adjustments and calculations. If something goes wrong, the drain specialists are usually able to identify what happened. While you can technically perform drain jetting yourself, it is best to let specialists handle it if they are available. This removes some of the risk involved and has the added benefit of giving you an expert that might be able to identify more issues with your drain system. Remember that not all drain blockages are just blockages, and some can come from other sources of damage, wear, or long-term use. If you can’t tell what the problem is, then it is usually necessary to get a specialist involved since they will be a lot better at telling you what is wrong without needing to try out trial-and-error methods.

What is Drain Jetting - drain jetting

How Do I get Drain Jetting Help?

Drain jetting is quite a specific service, so it will not always be advertised openly or shown off as a special selling point. This means that you usually have to hunt for it unless you are in a situation where it is recommended to you as a solution to some drainage problems that you have had checked. Finding a suitable set of drain specialists is not as hard as it might seem, though. First of all, remember that drain specialists are often part of other companies. Plumbing businesses or other industries that relate to drainage work can often have at least one specialist in drain jetting. Since drain jetting is a completely physical solution, looking for local companies is best if you want a fast response. If you live in London, for example, then finding the best drain jetting London can offer is usually your best bet. The same goes for any other parts of the world: the closer the specialists are, the faster they can get there and fix the problem.

Can Drain Jetting Go Wrong?

In the hands of drain specialists, drain jetting should not cause a problem unless there is already something wrong with your pipes. Forcing high-pressure water into the system can technically damage certain bends and corners, but this depends on the system and how old it is. Most of the time, things should be fine. Be careful if you are trying this yourself because it is easy to misjudge the pressure or use the wrong equipment. High-pressure water can be dangerous, and knowing what you are doing is an important part of staying safe while you handle pressurized water tanks or other gear related to drain jetting.

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