6 Must-Have Items before Welcoming A Dog Home

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A dog may enter your home, but they soon take place in your heart too! If you’re on the verge of bringing home a furry friend, there are several things to keep ready before his arrival. These items help ease the transition not only for you but also for the dog.

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Read on the discover everything you need to invest in before your new pet sets foot in your home.

Grooming Essentials

There’s no end to grooming and caring for a dog all through his life. Much like humans, dogs require regular care in terms of cleaning, moisturizing, trimming and more. Set up a grooming station for your dog in your home that houses all his essentials such as ear wipes, eye wipes, combs, shampoos, nail trimmers, toothbrush & toothpaste, paw butter, anti-tick powders and more. Talk to your vet to make a list of basic self-care essentials that you must keep at arm’s length. This is also a great way to avoid the common mistakes that people make when grooming their dogs. A poorly groomed dog can attract germs and dust, which can pose a threat to his health as well as your family. So, it is important to take grooming seriously.

Food/Water Bowls

From day one, establish a visual relationship between your dog and his food/water bowls. Once he sees the bowls coming his way, he will soon come to understand that it is mealtime. This also discourages dogs from nibbling on junk out of their bowl, which can pose a risk to their health. Ensure you always offer food only in this bowl. Offering food at regular intervals with a proper routine daily enables dogs to regulate their appetite and help digestion. This keeps them healthy and active.

Leash & Collar

It is common knowledge that dogs always resist leashes and collars. A great way to get them to comply with this is by introducing these essentials from day one. A collar helps in identifying a dog in case of your pet goes astray. What’s more, the new-age LED collars help locate a dog post-sunset, saving your furry friend from fatal vehicular accidents. New pet dogs tend to suffer from separation anxiety, having just been separated from their mothers. A leash ensures you have a secure grip on your dog during your outdoor walks. This safety puts you at ease and also saves them from oncoming traffic and the risk of going astray.

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Dog Tracker

Dogs are naturally curious creatives that enjoy exploring their environment. Sniffing around, nibbling on things and running around are everyday activities that furry friends enjoy. For newly adopted dogs who are anxious and not confident of their surroundings, it is wise to invest in a dog tracker. There are several advantages of a dog tracker. A GPS-enabled device easily attaches itself to the collar and gives pet parents a live feed of their dog’s location. This helps pet parents locate dogs who have gone astray. While you may need this less and less as your dog matures into an adult dog who knows his ways, it never hurts to have that added safety net when it comes to your dog’s whereabouts.

Dog Kennel

A dog kennel is one of the most essential items to invest in when bringing home a dog. Think of it as your dog’s little home within your home. There are several considerations to choosing the right dog kennel for your dog. Opt for one that has a thick asphalt roof to ensure weather-resistant and heat-protection features, especially if you live in tropical or rainy areas. A kennel with cross ventilation from an entrance and a window ensures your furry friend always has fresh clean air to breathe. A common mistake that new pet parents make when choosing a dog kennel is going for a design that suits the current size of the dog. They soon realize in a few months that the dog has grown out of the kennel and requires a new one. Hence, it is wise to opt for a kennel that matches the adult size of your dog’s breed. For top-quality kennels suiting various breeds, head to my dog supplies. It is your one-stop shop for feature-rich kennels that make a perfect home for your new pet.


What’s life without a little fun, right? In all your rush to give your dog a safe and comfortable life, don’t forget to invest in toys that your dog will enjoy! From chewies to fine motor skills and smart pet devices that offer two-way interaction, pet toys have come a long way. Use your discretion in choosing the right toys for your dog and run a periodic check to ensure these toys are in good condition without any risks of choking or poking your furry friend.

Wrap Up

Bringing home a dog is a whole lot of responsibility with a whole lot of fun. We hope the above list gives you a comprehensive idea of all the items to have ready before welcoming the new member of your family!

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