Ways to Transform Your Kitchen

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You’ve probably pinned a lot of kitchen ideas from your Pinterest account especially that 2020 is just a couple of months away. There’s something refreshing when you give your home a breath of new design and elements. And since the kitchen is one of the spots where we spend most of our time, it’s just ideal to make it invigorating and inviting.

Ways to Transform Your Kitchen

Here are some kitchen remodeling tips in transforming your kitchen this 2020:

Go natural

Utilizing natural materials for your kitchen such as bamboo or wood-made decorations can add texture and warmth in its overall aura.

Choose your theme

Most kitchen homes are used to neutral colors. However, to add more personality to your kitchen, it’s ideal to put in bolder colors through accents that can create balance on the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.

Get smart with storages

While some of us prefer to see kitchen items such as condiments displayed, it’s smarter to keep it on designated storages as it helps to create a modern look and at the same time letting your kitchen space breathe and feel light.

Add an element of art

Hanging some of your favorite paintings can also add life and aura to your kitchen. If you don’t have existing ones, you can download digital paintings and print it yourself. Or better yet, paint your preferred subject to create an additional personal touch.

Make your walls look more elegant

Especially on a blank canvas, placing a wallpaper that would go well with the overall color of your kitchen should be perfect. And the good thing with wallpapers is that you can change it as frequently as you want as it can be easily removed.

Ways to Transform Your Kitchen - vintage kitchen

Changing your stools

For those who have an island in their kitchen, switching to new stools can give your kitchen a different perspective. Interior designers advise that even a change on your stools can already give a fresh ambiance to your kitchen.

Unique small appliances

Small appliances in your kitchen can be compared to pillowcases in your living room. Even if it’s just a small piece in the overall design of the room, it can either give an edginess or smoothness in the overall look of your kitchen.

Installing new window treatments

Of course, installation of new window treatment should not only aid your aesthetic demands but also prevent dust from coming into the kitchen and at the same time regulate the amount of sunlight that can enter.

Bring in new life to your fridge

Did you know that you can breathe in a new life to your fridge by changing its color? If you’re tired of its look, you can purchase stainless steel paint and dress it in the way that you desire.

Add some plants

It seems like plants make everything look nice and inviting. That’s why in the modern kitchens designed these days, plants are always incorporated as it can also help in providing fresh air to its owners.

Install under-cabinet lights

Under-cabinet lights have the illusion of making your kitchen look bigger. Aside from the fact that it can give you a good light when you’re cooking, it can also serve as a night light so you won’t have to open all the lights just to get a glass of water.

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