First Time Fence Buyer? Read These 4 Tips

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Many homeowners today want or need a fence around their property. However, when they go to make this purchase, they quickly find themselves overwhelmed. As a result, they may choose a fence that doesn’t meet their needs or add to the property’s curb appeal.

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Don’t make this mistake. With the help of this fence buying guide, choosing the perfect fence will be effortless. Learn about four things that should be considered when having this work done.

Fencing Material

Homeowners may choose from many fencing materials today. Cedar remains popular because it won’t warp or shrink and looks beautiful. Vinyl is another option, and manufacturers have significantly improved this fencing material in recent years. Redwood and teak come with many benefits, but they are costly. For this reason, many people choose to use these fencing materials when enclosing a small area. Other options offered today include composite, metal, masonry, and durapost fencing. Learn the benefits and drawbacks of each option before selecting a material. This ensures the right choice is made to meet the owner’s needs.

Maintenance Requirements

When comparing fence materials, one thing to consider is the maintenance requirements of each type. Some people don’t mind staining their fence yearly, while others never want to tackle this chore. They would need to hire someone to do it for them. Redwood and teak, for instance, must be sealed or oiled yearly to maintain their color. Masonry fences, in contrast, may need repointing to stabilize any joints that have worked loose. Speak with the fencing contractors to learn what is required to maintain the fence, how often this work must be done, and whether the homeowner can handle these tasks.

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Fence Purpose

Next, the homeowner needs to know the purpose of the fence. What do they plan to use it for? This purpose plays a role in the type of fence that should be selected. People often assume a fence is used to form a boundary between one area and another. It may also be used to add to the home’s curb appeal and improve security. However, a homeowner might purchase a fence to keep others from seeing into the property. They have items they wish to keep hidden from view. A wooden fence will better keep these items out of sight than a chain-link fence. Individuals who want to keep their children and pets from wandering out of the yard may find a wood fence is more than they need. They wish to have an unrestricted view, and a chain-link fence will provide this. Know the purpose of the fence before choosing a material. This helps to narrow the choices and ensures the finished fence will do the intended job.

Choice of Contractor

Never overlook the choice of a contractor when purchasing a fence. The right contractor will make the process easy. The wrong contractor, however, will have the homeowner wondering why they decided to tackle this project in the first place. Always work with a licensed and insured contractor. If something goes wrong during the project, the homeowner will not be held liable if the contractor has these qualifications. Keep this in mind when speaking with contractors, and request quotes from a minimum of three providers to find the one that is right for the job. A fence is meant to last for years. The right choice must be made to ensure the fence does the intended job while adding to the property’s appeal. With the help of this guide, every homeowner will find the right fence easily.

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