Why Waterproofing Your Basement Is Essential

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In mid-2020, the First Street Foundation estimated that at least 14.6 million properties in America are located in flood zones. If your home is one of these, waterproofing your basement should be a top priority. Basements are often the most susceptible parts of a home to flooding due to their underground location and lack of natural light or ventilation. In fact, a flooded basement can cost you thousands of dollars in damage and lost property.

Why Waterproofing Your Basement Is Essential

If you’re not sure if waterproofing your basement is the right move for you, consider these points:

Lower Your Flood Insurance Premiums

The typical homeowner spends $985 every year on flood insurance premiums. You can lower those costs by an acceptable margin by waterproofing your basement. In many areas of the country, waterproof basements are considered part of “adequately waterproofed” homes and will also qualify for reduced rates from NFIP. If you live in one of these areas or want to save money at any cost, waterproofing your basement should always be your first choice.

Prevent Water Damage and Mold

Mold is a serious health hazard that can grow in a basement within 48 hours of water contact. Not only is mold unsightly, but it can also cause respiratory problems, skin irritation, and even memory loss. Waterproofing your basement will help to keep out moisture and prevent the growth of mold and other pests. Basements are often damp by nature, so waterproofing basements is one of the best ways to ensure that homes stay healthy and free from damage. For this reason, it’s important to hire experienced basement conversion specialists who can effectively waterproof your basement and protect your home from water damage.

Waterproof Your Basement to Get a Higher Resale Value

If you plan on selling your home, waterproofing your basement will increase its resale value and appeal to potential buyers. A waterproofed basement can add up to 30% in value to your home. It is, therefore, considered a necessity for many homeowners who want to sell their homes. For homeowners who want to build equity into their property, as they pay off their mortgages through refinancing or sale, waterproofing makes good financial sense. Create a budget to waterproof a basement, and you may find that it is one of the smartest investments you ever make.

Why Waterproofing Your Basement Is Essential - waterproofing basement

Adds Living Space

Finishing your basement is a great way to add living space to your home without the expense of an addition. Waterproofing and finishing your basement can provide extra square feet of living space. This is a huge plus for growing families or anyone who needs more room. With waterproofing, you can have peace of mind knowing that this new living area is safe from water damage and mold growth.

Resistant to Termites

Aside from waterproofing, your basement is one of the most vulnerable areas in your home when it comes to termite damage. Termites can do millions of dollars worth of structural damage within just a few months if untreated. Waterproofing and finishing your basement will ensure that these pests cannot get through any cracks or crevices into your living space.

Waterproofing Your Basement Is a Necessity

Basement waterproofing should always be a top priority for homeowners in flood zones. Or those with a history of basement flooding. By preventing flooding now, you can save yourself money down the road and keep your home healthy and dry. Continue to check our blog to learn more reasons for waterproofing your basement.

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    I’ve been looking for ways to make my daughter feel safer and more at home in her new place since she just moved in. It’s good that you mentioned how basement waterproofing can help to keep out moisture and stop the development of mold and other pests. I will absolutely tell her about the health risks associated with mold because it can grow unnoticed, and I will also suggest that she employ experts for basement waterproofing. I appreciate you sharing!

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