Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Termites And How To Prevent Their Appearance

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Having termites can be a real pain and termite treatment is expensive. Aside from that, there are some termite species that can cause serious damage to your property. Getting rid of termites can be achieved by following the termite treatment instructions, but preventing termites in the first place is an even better solution.

Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Termites And How To Prevent Their Appearance

If you want to know how to get rid of termites and how to prevent their appearance, continue reading this article.

Water Treatment

The easiest way to prevent termites is by keeping them away from your property. You can do this by treating the soil around your home with water; moist soil is one of what attracts house termites. Water helps create barriers that make it harder for termites to access the wooden portions of your home. Termites love moist soil because that’s where they get their food (cellulose). By reducing the number of damp places around your home you can make it less attractive for termites to live there.

Also, adding water to termites’ habitats is a great way to get rid of termites. If termites come in contact with moisture, they will die instantly. This might sound like an easy task, but it can be tricky if a termite infestation isn’t too serious yet and the area you need to treat doesn’t have moist soil or any other source of water. One part boric acid per ten parts sugar is needed for this treatment method, which should be mixed well and then distributed in the termite-affected area.

However, keep in mind that this mixture only works on dry surfaces because termites won’t eat it when it’s wet. Watering down the place you put this ‘food’ is a good idea. If termites are near any water source, adding some natural soap to the termites’ habitat is another effective method to get rid of termites. One part liquid dishwashing soap and one part glycerin can be mixed with water and poured into a termite-affected area. The mixture will kill termites instantly, but it is not that effective against termite eggs. Another essential thing about this treatment method is that termites will die when they come in contact with each other because the soap reacts with their protective coating. Soap alone doesn’t work very well for getting rid of termites because termite infestation has to be serious enough to form little groups which would then gather together after touching each other.

Barrier Method

Another effective way of preventing termites from infesting your home is by applying barrier methods around its perimeter. There are termite treatments that can be applied on the surface of termite-infested houses, but there are also termite barriers you can build around your home. You should do this if you live in an area where termites appear often (there’s a good chance of termites infesting your property). Create a termite barrier by digging a trench around your home. The termite barrier should be about six inches deep and fifteen inches long. This termite treatment is very effective, but it can be time-consuming to do this every year if termites are active in your area.

Homemade Repellent

Another termite treatment that doesn’t kill termites, but repels them is by using diatomaceous earth. Diatomaceous earth contains silica and acts in a similar way to termite barrier treatment because it prevents termites from entering your property. Termite spray containing DE should be applied around the termite-affected area and then swept off into the ground. This won’t kill termites, but it will repel them away from your home.

Termite Trap

If termites are already on your property, termite traps can help you get rid of termites. Homemade termite bait is easy to put together and it will kill the termites that come to eat it. To make this termite treatment, mix equal parts boric acid and sugar and add some water until dry ingredients become moist. Place small bits of this mixture inside a plastic container with holes in its lid and place it near termite-infested areas (for example next to baseboards). This termite trap will be more effective if there’s any moisture present in the termites’ habitat because that’s where they prefer to be. It will take care of small infestations, but won’t solve the termite problem if there are many termites in your area.

Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Termites And How To Prevent Their Appearance - infested wood

Treating Termite-Infested Wood

Termites can’t eat through treated wood, so termite treatment is a good termite removal method if some termites have already entered your house. Try to find a termite specialist because termites can become active on different schedules and areas and termite infestation can be serious enough to require more than just one visit from the pest control operator. A professional will inspect all termite-infested areas (both inside and outside of property) and determine a proper termite treatment that will solve the problem for good. There are several types of chemical treatments which might not be suitable for certain kinds of wood or other building materials. A termite control company will inspect your property and determine the safest termite treatment that will be least damaging to termites, but most effective against termites (depending on the type of wood, termite infestation, etc.)

Complete Termite Removal

A termite control company should also be called if termites have already eaten through termite-infested wood. The termites inside your walls can become active and cause more damage without you even knowing about it because they spend their time hidden from your sight. They will continue to eat the wood until there’s nothing left, so termite treatment should be carried out with termite removal in mind as well. If termites have already damaged the structure of your home, a professional pest control operator will seal up all entry points so that termites won’t ever get back in.

Complete termite removal is usually done by injecting chemical pesticides into termite-infested (both between walls and on termite tunnels on the ground) areas. Treating termites in this way will require several termite removal visits and termite inspectors might have a good chance of finding termites in hidden areas.

You may not realize it, but termites can cause serious damage to your home and property. They are more than just a nuisance pest that you should pay attention to. They’re dangerous! Termites can enter your home through any cracks in the foundation or exterior of the house, so prevention is key if you want to keep them out. If there are already termite infestations on your property, be sure to take action as soon as possible – don’t wait until they’ve done irreversible damage before taking care of them. There are many effective ways for getting rid of these pests including water treatment (by flooding), barrier method (building barriers around outside walls), homemade repellent (using citrus peels), and termite traps.

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