5 Water Heater Failure Signs You Should Never Ignore

If your water heater fails you can be sure that it will be at the worst possible time. Being without hot water can be a much bigger issue than you realize. The first thing is an inability to shower, you’ll only be able to wash in warm water with the aid of a kettle. But, the water heater may also be connected to your heating system; preventing you from warming your house up.

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That’s why being aware of the 5 water heater failure signs and having the number of a reputable plumber in Sydney, is essential to preventing a failure in your system.

No Hot Water

If your system is giving you warm, but not hot, water, then there is a good chance that the heating component in your water heater is starting to fail. If you have an electric water heater there will usually be two heating elements; you may be able to resolve the issue by replacing one. Alternatively, the bottom of your tan may be experiencing a buildup of sediment which is preventing the heating elements from working efficiently.

Rumbling Noises

If you’re heating rumbling noises when the water heater is working then you are probably experiencing a buildup of minerals; possibly due to having hard water. You’ll need to cleanse your system and the plumber may need to evaluate the elements to see if they are savable. If flushing doesn’t cure the issue there is a good chance you’ll be looking at replacing your water heater.

Cloudy Water

When the water coming out of your hot water tap is cloudy you’ve developed a bigger issue with the minerals in your tank. Cloudy water means they are traveling through your pipes. In turn, this can cause blockages and corrosion of joints; leading to water leaks and damp. The first thing you should do is filter your water as this will improve the appearance and the water is still safe to drink. However, in the medium term, you’ll need to replace the water heater.
5 water heater failure signs - leaking water heater

Dripping Valve Under The Heater

A dripping valve under your water heater is likely to be the pressure relief valve. This simply allows excess water to escape from your tank when the pressure inside it gets too high. If the valve is leaky then it has developed a fault. The good news is that the valve can be replaced. Unfortunately, you’ll probably need to drain the tank to do it.

Water Under Your Tank

If you notice water underneath your water tank then there is a good chance that the tank itself is leaky. Obviously, you’ll need to check all the connections around the tank first. However, if they all appear dry then the tank is leaky and will need replacing. There is no reasonable way to fix a corroded tank. The best solution is to find a similar tank that can use your existing plumbing. However, you may want to consider what modern, energy saving, alternatives there are available.

Now, when you learned water heater failure signs you will know when to act and save your water heater instead of buying a new one!

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3 thoughts on “5 Water Heater Failure Signs You Should Never Ignore”

  1. Thank you for explaining how cloudy water coming out of your tap can indicate a big issue with the minerals in your tank. My sister has been telling me that her water has gotten cloudy over the last few weeks. I’ll have to share this with her and see if she can get it fixed or if she needs to get it replaced.

  2. Thanks for pointing out that the component of your water heater must be failing if you are not getting hot water from your water heater. My husband was complaining this morning about the cold water in the bathroom. For sure, it must be due to our old water heater that has been installed in 2013. I will have it replaced by a professional before Friday comes.

  3. Shammy Peterson

    What caught my attention is when you said that there may be a need to replace a water heater if you can hear rumbling noises when it is working due to the build of sediments. This is something that I will share with my parents because their 9-year-old water heater has been making strange noises for the past two days, and they have been complaining about cold water. For sure, it will be a cost-effective solution for them to hire a professional heating contractor that can install a new unit for them.

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