Water Heater Buying Guide

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Warm showers are preferred by most people because they are enjoyable and healthy. As much as one would love to purchase a water heater, you get concerned of the high energy cost that comes along with it. However, it’s possible to purchase one that is cost effective and that will provide reliable hot water. It’s good to take time and buy the right water heater so as it can offer the best services.
Water Heater Buying Guide

The following is the best water heater guide:

Identify the Fuel Source

You should purchase a water heater that uses an energy sources present in your home.

There are different water heater energy source they include:

  • Propane or Gas – It uses a burner to heat water and requires circulation of water round it. It’s quiet expensive but energy sufficient. In most cases it can hold a range of 30 to 100 gallons of water.
  • Electric – It uses two or one replaceable heating element for heating water. It’s cheap and has a variety of high efficiency options. It can hold 28 to 100+ gallons of water.
  • Hybrid or Heat Pump – Uses air energy to heat water. It’s quiet expensive and energy -sufficient hence lower bills. Its storage ranges from 50 to 80 gallons of water.

Choose the Best Type of Water Heater

You choose the type of water heater as per the utilities in your area and the size of your family. There is the mobile home that requires a specific type of water heater made. It can either be gas or electric.

Water heater buying guide - tankless water heater

The best is the tankless or on demand water heater since it doesn’t store hot water instead passes through a series of coils that heats water as you use it. It’s available in natural gas, electric, and heat pump model. Other types include utility or point use and storage tank water heater.

Determine the Capacity

Water heater is classified on the amount of water it holds in terms of gallons. You should ensure your house has enough water to avoid running out of water while bathing. This can only be the case if you are not using a tankless water heater. You can read more online on how tankless water heater heats water as you use.

Check the Accessories

There are many accessories present so as to improve efficiency and safety in your water heater.
They include:

  • Timers – They are used to run water heater when only there is need to.
  • Water Heater Blankets – They are use to insulate functionality of water heater if it’s resideon other unheated spaces and garages.
  • Expansion Tanks – They are pumped to hold extra volume to be produced when cold water is heated in the tank.

In conclusion, a water heater is the optimum solution to have hot water to use at home. They come in different varieties. The most recommended variety is a tankless model since it’s the best when typically drawing water for numerous uses at a go. Moreover, you should choose a water heater that can use all the three types of energy.

As you purchase a water heater consider one with unique that enhance efficiency when using. A water heater that uses heat pump or propane are expensive to purchase but cheap to maintain, whereas one that uses electricity it’s cheap to buy but expensive to maintain. Therefore, make the right choice as per your budget.

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