6 Steps Water Damage Restoration Pros Take to Remove Mold

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Water damage is capable of causing a wide range of negative effects to your property. It can result in major structural damage. This damage can range from causing rot to your flooring, ceilings, and drywall to the growth of bacteria, the swelling of composite wood, and rusting of metal surfaces. Another inevitable problem associated with flood damage is the growth and spread of mold across your property.

6 Steps Water Damage Restoration Pros Take to Remove Mold

The mold issue is one of the key reasons why it is important to hire mold removal services that deals with property damage caused by water.

A Look at Why Mold Is Such a Big Problem for Property Owners

Mold is capable of causing major problems for property owners. This is one of the key reasons why effective restoration is needed after property damage is caused by water. The primary reasons why mold is such a big problem for property owners include:

  • Mold is an inevitable result of damage caused by water and it is also difficult to remove without professional expertise
  • Mold causes a list of health issues such as breathing difficulty, sneezing, runny nose, wheezing, coughing, itching, and eye irritation
  • Individuals with underlying health conditions such as allergies and asthma are at a higher risk of adverse consequences from mold exposure
  • Mold can cause structural problems that include dry rot
  • The presence of mold can lower your property value

The 6 Key Steps Involved in Mold Remediation

The process used by your local cleanup company to address mold issues in your property is called remediation. For a good example of a reliable water damage restoration company visit: https://scientificrestorationspecialistsinc.com/ Your service provider will utilize a systematic approach designed to identify the full extent of the mold issue and treat all affected areas. There are 6 primary steps to the remediation process. They include:

Detailed Inspection and Assessment

Cleanup pros will start the mold removal process by performing a detailed inspection of your property. Identifying all areas where mold is present is important if remediation is to be successful. This includes using specialized techniques to discover hidden sources of mold. After all areas of mold infestation are identified, an assessment can be made on the severity of the problem and a plan can be created to deal with it.

Containment of Mold

Mold containment is the next step in the process of removing the issue from your property. This involves various procedures that will stop the mold from spreading and cross-contaminating. During this process, all HVAC systems will have to be turned off to assist in the prevention of the mold problem spreading.

6 Steps Water Damage Restoration Pros Take to Remove Mold - removing mold

Air Filtration

The mold removal process also involves the use of specialized filtration equipment such as air scrubbers and vacuums that can help to prevent mold spores from continuing to spread.

The Removal of All Mold and Infested Materials

Antimicrobial/antifungal treatments are utilized to treat colonies of mold. It is often necessary to remove and dispose of any porous materials in your property that have been infested with mold. This can include drywall, carpeting, and insulation.

The Cleanup Process

It is necessary to thoroughly clean all mold-infested structural elements such as fixtures, framing, flooring, and HVAC/mechanical systems so that mold growth can be removed. Other areas that often need to be addressed include decorative elements such as curtains and important documents that are stored within the property.


Restoration work involves the repair/replacement of aspects of the property that were damaged by mold such as drywall and subfloors. It can also involve the replacement of carpeting and the reconstruction of areas within the property. It all depends on the full extent of the mold problem that is present. If you are looking for

The Importance of Contacting a Reliable Damage Restoration Company After Flooding Occurs

It is of the utmost importance that you quickly contact a reliable restoration company after water/flood damage occurs to your property. The more time that is allowed to elapse, the worse the overall damage will get. Damage caused by water only continues to get worse when it is not addressed and it can get significantly worse at a rapid pace. Quickly bringing in restoration professionals to deal with all aspects of this damage in a professional manner is the best thing that you can do to minimize damage and save money in the long run.

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