Best vacuum for sweeping up long hair

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There are many reasons why having a long hair is attractive. First, it is a timeless hairstyle. You will never go wrong with it. Second, you can style it in different ways unlike when you have a short hair. You can tie it in a bun during summer or let it hang free during the winter. Enough with hair styles, we’re a home improvement website. However, having long hair also requires a tedious amount of maintenance and tools that are very specific to managing long mane. Hair strands that are not strong have a tendency to fall off and when they accumulate and it can be a nightmare to sweep them up. A strong and effective vacuum is definitely a lifesaver and a must-have if you have long hair. Here are four tips to picking the best vacuum for long hair.

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Choose a Vacuum With a Powerful Suction

The one thing that a vacuum has over other cleaners is its suction capability and it is just as crucial for sweeping up long hair. You have to make sure that it will do the job. Some vacuums require you to sweep back and forth to cover an area of the house. That might not be the best equipment if you have a bigger house. Hair is very lightweight and the slightest movement can scatter every strand all over the place. You have to choose a vacuum that has great coverage and clean your floor off of dust and hair with minimal work.

Cordless Vs. Corded Vacuum

Cordless and corded vacuums both have their ups and downs. Price is not a huge difference. Corded vacuum cleaners tend to run for an extended time as compared to a battery-powered cordless vacuum. However, it is much easier to move around with a cordless vacuum especially if you are trying to clean corners of the house that are otherwise unreachable by a corded vacuum. If you have a big house but you want your vacuum to last long, a great compromise is a corded vacuum with detachable handheld battery powered vacuum. This way it is easy to clean your shelves or cabinets of dust and hair.

vacuum for long hair

Choose the Right Type of Filter

Some people may not be aware that as you suck up the dust from your floor, it goes into a collection bin and the air is forced back into the air using a filter. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right type of filter for your vacuum – one that will ensure maximum filtration and minimum dirt and dust coming out of the vacuum. There are several types to choose from such as disposable filters, washable filters, and HEPA filters. If you have a sensitive nose or you have children or pets playing around in the house, you have to make sure that you are cleaning the floor the most effective way possible.

Bag Vs. No Bag

As mentioned before, when you vacuum dust and hair from the floor, they go to a collection bin and it can be a disposable bag or a container that can be emptied out. Choosing one from the other is really just a personal preference. A disposable bag means you do not have to worry about cleaning the container every time you use the vacuum. On the other hand, it can be expensive in the long term. Cleaning the dirt container can save you money from buying disposable bags but it can also be messy. The problem with long hair is that it can get stuck inside the will require some pulling to remove. In that case, a disposable bag might be a better choice.

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