Why Vacation Properties In Australia Are Better Than Hotels

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Vacation rental properties in Australia have truly become the way of the future for all Australians. Whether you’re renting in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne or anywhere in-between, they integrate smarter privacy, security, and offer a much better bang for your buck than hotels do. The money saved can go a long way, and the feeling that vacation rentals leave us with is much more positive than corporate-run hotels. Here are five reasons why vacation rentals are now superior to hotels.
Why Vacation Properties In Australia Are Better Than Hotels

Vacation Rentals Give More Value For Money

Hotel accommodations are all shared, and thus less private. Everything from the hot tub, to the pool, the bathroom and the small fridge are all shared: there’s less of it to yourself. Vacation rentals provide rooms that aren’t separated way down the hall from each other, unlike hotels (which can, by the way, overbook): this actually turns the whole vacation into a deeper bonding experience because of the close proximity to each-other without the worry of strangers and the frenetic energy that comes with it. Vacation rentals also offer a full-sized refrigerator (or two, sometimes), compared to a hotel’s mini-fridge whose overpriced drinks take up precious fridge space. Best of all: the cost is less than spending on multiple hotel rooms.

Vacation Rentals Come in Various Types

Vacation rental condos can offer skyrise views and stunning architectural designs which many hotels can’t compete with for the money. For example, if you are sharing a pool or other community space at a Sydney condo rental, it is often times much more civilized and void of children splashing around, whereas a hotel would be just that. Many vacation rentals offer incredibly unique mountain, bush and beach views, and are incredibly modern in their build. Here’s a great article detailing modern builds in Australia, which can be incredible vacation rental homes. After all, there are some prime Bondi vacation rentals just a few blocks away from the action which hotels can’t come close to on price.

Moreover, hotels often feel cold and uninviting compared to vacation rentals! Sometimes you don’t know what your hotel room actually looks like, whereas vacation rentals show you exactly what you’re paying for. Another great benefit of vacation rentals, apart from not feeling like ‘just a number’ at a hotel, is that you get to choose your preferred location in the center of town or a little bit more secluded. If Bondi beachfront property is too pricey, you have the option with vacation rentals to rent slightly more away from the center of it all and save huge on cost.

Vacation Rentals Feel More At Home

The comforts of home are nearly identical to what you’re used to in a vacation rental properties, let’s face it. They come with fee-free dryers and washers, many have private backyards, pools and hot tubs, and often more comfortable furniture; Kitchens also come stocked with all dishes and utensils needed. Additionally, there are often free books, movie collections and board games. Guests can bring or stream their own entertainment content and make use of the free Wifi at vacation rentals, as well. There’s no exorbitant fees for just trying to watch a movie or channel surf on HFC, IPTV, or satellite; Even the T.V. channels usually have a broader selection than hotels do. Because hotels are run by for-profit corporations, there’s always going to be an extra surcharge around waiting around the corner.

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Vacation Rentals Are More Secure

Unlike hotels, whose cleaning staff has access to open your door at any time (and who sometimes disregard you “do not disturb” sign), vacation rentals are private: You usually either have a code to the door or a smartphone-based entry. Telstra usually has great coverage in the majority of vacation rental properties; access is hardly issuing. This level of privacy eliminates your worries of things being stolen, which helps you to relax much more. Isn’t that the point of vacation in the first place?

Moreover, there are no “lost key” fees, driveways allow for virtually no effort in walking from your car to the rental, and if something needs repair then the vacation rental company can send someone over right away just like a hotel would.

Vacation Rentals Save on Eating Expenses

The design of hotel rooms is usually such that guests don’t have a kitchen or dining room, and this awkward layout pretty much forces everyone out of the room and out to expensive restaurants. In many cases, the cost of an entire meal for a group who buys at Woolworths will be about equal to the price of just one person when eating out. Though this amount varies depending on the restaurant, the savings usually add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars over the course of a full vacation’s stay. These new savings from shopping at a grocery store can be otherwise allocated towards the activities that you really want to do, but couldn’t afford due to the expensive hotel or apartment hotel. On top of that, when you shop locally you also have the option to support local farmers’ markets and get the freshest ingredients for much cheaper than a restaurant would charge; This even has the added benefit of letting you explore a new city.

Vacation rental properties not only accomplish the goal of relaxing and having fun more effectively than hotels do, but they also protect Aussies from being bombarded with ridiculous fees. They strengthen our bonding times, foster better relationships, and they prevent us from being treated like just another customer at any tick of the clock. The privacy and security of vacation rentals is unsurpassed, and the overall convenience is much higher than some of the dog boxes that are offered up at hotels. For these reasons and more, vacation rentals have shown no signs of stopping and are the way of the future.

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