Benefits of Using Recycling Services From Waste Away Systems

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Just about everyone has heard the phrase “reduce, reuse, recycle” tossed around. These days, conserving resources is more important than ever, and recycling is a simple and effective way for consumers to do just that.

Benefits of Using Recycling Services From Waste Away Systems

Read on to find out about the benefits of using convenient residential and commercial recycling services.

Single-Stream Collection

One of the primary reasons average consumers cite for not recycling is that it takes too much time to separate out different types of reusable materials. Single-stream recycling collection eliminates that problem by allowing people to place all of their recyclable goods in the same container for later sorting. Anyone who is still separating out paper from plastic should check out the more convenient single-stream recycling services from

Prevent Landfill Overburdening

When consumers and companies don’t recycle, all of that otherwise usable material winds up taking up space in landfills. Most people still don’t think about what happens to their garbage after they throw it away, but that lack of attention doesn’t stop landfills from filling up and, if they’re not properly managed, damaging the surrounding ecosystems. Using recycling programs like those offered by Waste Away Systems helps to prevent the introduction of reusable materials into landfills so they won’t fill up as fast.

Responsible Stewardship

When sending garbage to a landfill isn’t an option, communities often choose to incinerate their garbage instead. Incinerating trash already poses serious environmental and human health burdens, many of which are shouldered by the country’s poorest communities. Introducing plastic, metal, and other recyclable materials doesn’t just increase the rates at which garbage incinerators must run but can also lead to increases in hazardous emissions since most incinerators were not meant to process recyclables.

Conserve Natural Resources

Many of the natural resources societies around the world rely on to produce consumer goods and packaging then move them through the supply chain are non-renewable. Even producing products made from renewable materials like wood still come at an environmental cost. Recycling ensures that all of these resources get reused, reducing the rate at which new timber, minerals, water, and other substances must be extracted to fuel new production.

Benefits of Using Recycling Services From Waste Away Systems - recycling can

Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Incinerating garbage and recyclables isn’t the only way that improper waste disposal can contribute to pollution. Recycling packaging and products made from things like aluminum, paper, and glass requires far less energy than extracting and processing the raw materials, which translates to lower greenhouse gas emissions. Given that greenhouse gasses are the primary culprit behind climate change, it’s important not to underestimate the power of keeping recyclable materials in use instead of tossing them in landfills.

Improve the Economy

The environmental and social benefits of recycling are pretty obvious once people hear about them, but even serious proponents of conservation rarely recognize how recycling can help the economy. Just keep in mind that every item recycled translates to lower rates of natural resource consumption, often while simultaneously providing good jobs for people in the community. The combination of added jobs and increased efficiency can give local and national economies a serious boost.

Recycling Is Easy

Companies like Waste Away Systems make it ridiculously easy for both residential and commercial clients to dispose of waste responsibly. All consumers have to do is sign up for regular recycling pickups, then make sure their #1-7 plastic, metal, cardboard, paper, and glass products and packaging are separated from non-recyclable waste. It’s that simple.

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