Benefits of Using Portable Toilets When Hosting Events at Home

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Are you planning an outdoor event? Indeed, there is nothing more exciting than having a weekend party or dinner with friends and family. You get to cherish old memories, make some new ones, and talk your heart out. Although your home can be the perfect venue for special events like birthdays, reunions, and dinners, hosting parties is quite challenging. Besides managing food and venue, you have to think about guests’ need to use the restroom.

Benefits of Using Portable Toilets When Hosting Events at Home

Most people open up their home’s toilets during events, but it is not enough to accommodate all the guests. So, why not rent portable toilets? You can place a couple of bathrooms in the backyard to ensure guests feel comfortable. It provides all features the attendees would require during the event. From wash stations to sanitization spots, they have the comforts of home-like toilets. Moreover, having portable toilets will also remove the need to clean up restrooms afterward. You can enjoy the party and go to bed right away. If you are still hesitant about renting these toilets, have a look below. Here we are listing the benefits of using portable toilets when hosting events at home.

1. Offers Easy Access

Have you heard of people complaining about inadequate toilet facilities? Since people don’t want this to happen at their events, they let guests use their home’s bathroom. Besides creating a mess inside the house, guests don’t like wandering around the house to find a toilet. Therefore, to ensure guests are having a pleasant time, post portable toilets around in your event. The restroom will be easy to locate, ensuring convivence for the guests.

They won’t have to travel back inside the house, nor will you show them the way every time. In turn, you can also participate in activities and enjoy the event. There are numerous options available worldwide. For instance, if you live near Columbia River in the U.S. state of Washington, look up for porta-potty rental in Vancouver, WA, online to find high-quality portable toilets. You can book these a week or two before and enjoy a hassle-free event.

2. Removes the Risk of Clogging

Usually, older and low-flow homes toilets can readily get blocked by toilet paper. Honestly, it could be super embarrassing for guests to use clogged restrooms. At the same time, you will have to keep unclogging the toilet to accommodate guests. Sounds tiring, no? Renting portable toilets can save you from this chaos. It flushes waste into a holding tank underneath the seat, eliminating the chances of clogging. Additionally, these toilets have fragrant chemicals inside the tank, killing germs and purging out the smell.

3. Eliminates Cleaning Hassle

Unknowingly, homeowners worry about the cleanliness of their bathrooms. Ensuring there are enough toilet papers to refilling the handwash – hosts are consistently looking out for guests. Likewise, dozens of people using the same toilet for a whole event can leave you with an enormous cleaning job. And who likes cleaning up stinking and dirty toilets? Luckily, portable toilets can save you from this cleaning challenge.

The rental company will take responsibility for cleaning the toilets from tip to toe. They empty every unit using a waste suction machine. It works more like a vacuum cleaner and pulls waste into a gigantic storage unit. The cleaners spruce up the toilet seats with anti-bacterial products to get rid of germs. Moreover, they pay special attention to high-touch areas such as seats, sink, door handles and sanitize them after every use. Also, filling up toilet papers and other consumables is the rental company’s responsibility.

4. Conserves Water

Toilets have high water consumption, and when you have hundreds of guests using the restroom, water shortages are inevitable. After all, water tanks have limited capacity. However, this won’t be your headache with portable toilets. They have efficient flushing mechanisms, meaning portable toilets conserve more water than regular toilets. The holding tank and flushing system keep all the waste, eliminating the need to connect with the water supply.

It could also work with a foot pump to maximize hygiene. The pump operates on pressure, making the water circulating inside the tank and delivering it inside the toilet. Moreover, the toilet rentals take extra precautions with waste disposal, ensuring everything is environmentally friendly. Hence, you would get the added benefit of hosting an eco-friendly event.

Benefits of Using Portable Toilets When Hosting Events at Home - portable toilet

5. Budget-Friendly

As you are already coughing up money on vendors, decoration, and drinks, making an extra expense seems might seem impossible. However, it won’t be the case with portable toilets. These are the most cost-efficient option for restrooms at any event. Besides their low rental costs, they use far less energy than conventional toilets. It means you can save a few bucks on water and electric bills. Furthermore, all toilet amenities such as toilet paper, soap, the sanitizer will be the rental company’s responsibility. Above all, it costs far less than constructing an outdoor restroom, specifically for guests.

6. Accommodates Handicap Guests

Often, we forget about disabled and disabled guests when throwing parties. These people need special attention and care, so don’t mind being a little extra considerate about their needs. If your guest toilet is on the second floor, opt for portable toilets. You can place them all around the event to offer quick access to disabled guests. Moreover, the portable toilet companies also have special bathrooms for such people. It comes with raps, railing, and additional space to ensure the guests feel comfortable. Likewise, it would also choose flushable toilets with portable sinks to offer added convenience to the guests.

7. Avoids Long Queues

Have you ever been to a place where people had to spend ages queuing for the available restroom? If you also have many people at the party, your guest toilet at home won’t be enough to accommodate everyone. Therefore, consider renting extra toilets to avoid this embarrassment. After all, you have put in so much money at the event to see people enjoying and having fun. Portable toilets reduce the restroom queues while ensuring people don’t get irritated on their way to the restroom. Depending on the number of people, you can place multiple toilets around your backyard.

Final Thoughts

Everyone wants to host a successful event that leaves behind positive memories. Whether it is a small concert, birthday dinner, or a friend’s reunion – the goal is to keep your guests happy. In all the hustle-bustle of arranging food and décor, people forget about restroom facilities. Portable toilets can come in handy when hosting outdoor events. In addition to keeping your house clean, it ensures guests have a pleasant time during the event.

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    Thanks for this informative post! I agree that opening your home toilets for guests is often not enough to accommodate them all, and they usually get dirty earlier than expected due to the number of people using them. I also like that I don’t have to clean the restroom after the party. For big parties, how many portable toilets would you suggest we rent?

  2. Ava Murphy October 21, 2021 at 1:09 am

    You made a good point when you said that your visitors won’t need to travel back inside your house when you rent portable toilets. My husband and I are planning to hold a party to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary, and are expecting more than 30 guests. Since we don’t want our own toilet to be used during the event, we will be sure to rent portable toilets.

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    It sure was nice when you said that having portable toilets will ensure that restrooms would be easy to locate and would be convenient for the guests. With this in mind, I will consider renting portable toilets. My husband and I are planning to organize a welcome party for our son’s homecoming. Since we don’t want our newly renovated restroom to be used during the event and for convenience, we will consider all your tips.

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    My sister told me she is planning on having a garden wedding in our childhood home’s backyard. It was helpful that you mentioned having a portable toilet reduces the risk of clogging your home bathroom’s toilet. This sounds like a very helpful tip so I’m going to ask her to do this for her wedding.

  5. Charlotte Fleet February 26, 2021 at 8:39 pm

    My younger brother and his wife are throwing a party at their house in honor of our parents’ 30th anniversary. I like how you stated that renting portable toilets for big events can help to save you the challenge of cleaning your bathroom after dozens of people use it. I will be sure to suggest that my brother and sister-in-law look into finding a reputable portable toilet rental service to make hosting the party easier.