7 Clever Ways to Decrease Energy Bills by Increasing Your Home Efficiency

These days, finding ways to lower utility costs and boost home efficiency has never been easier. With smarter and more efficient technology, you almost have to work hard at not being energy efficient.

7 Clever Ways to Decrease Energy Bills by Increasing Your Home Efficiency

So whether you’re trying to be ecologically responsible, or you’re just looking to lower energy costs, we’ve got some clever tips to help you out.

1. Keep the Lights Off

This is an easy one, but it can’t be stated often enough. One of the best ways to improve home efficiency and utility costs is to turn off lights when not in use. So get in the habit of switching them off when you leave a room. You’ll be surprised to learn how much you save in energy costs.

2. Lower the Thermostat

This is another easy fix. Energy-efficient homes are as much about smart energy management as anything else. Remind yourself to lower the thermostat whenever you’re away from home; it’s a very simple step that will realize remarkable savings in your energy bills. Installing a smart thermostat is an even easier way to regulate the temperature in your home. Give it a try, and see how it improves your home efficiency.

3. Solar Panels

You just can’t beat the kind of energy efficiency that solar panels confer on your home. Solar panels are a fantastic way to generate cheap electricity and lower your energy bills over time. Companies like Blue Raven Solar can help you get started with this high-tech solution to lowering energy costs.

4. Seal Your Windows

This is one of those necessary DIY projects that can really improve your home’s energy efficiency. Using weatherstripping or silicone caulking is a good way to seal those drafty windows. Poor insulation is one of the most overlooked contributors to poor home efficiency. So take the time to seal up those windows and start saving money.

7 Clever Ways to Decrease Energy Bills by Increasing Your Home Efficiency - bills

5. Use Low-Flow Showerheads

If you install low-flow showerheads, you can improve your home’s water efficiency. It works by reducing the amount of water consumed, which lessens waste and lowers your bills. It’s an easy fix, and it’s a smart way to reduce your water consumption.

6. Keep Chargers Unplugged When Not in Use

You probably never imagined that cell phone chargers contribute to energy waste when not in use. But they do—which is why they’re often called “energy vampires.” The truth is phone or battery chargers that are plugged in but not used still drain energy. So if you’re not using them, go ahead and unplug those chargers.

7. Wash Clothes at a Low Temperature

Try to be smart when doing a load of laundry. Use a lower temperature when possible; heating water uses extra energy, which decreases your home’s energy efficiency. Also, try to wash a full load as much as you can.

Use These Tips to Improve Your Home Efficiency

These are seven easy ways to lower your energy costs and increase home efficiency. Even if you only use a few of them, you’ll be well on your way to creating a greener, more eco-friendly (and less costly!) home. We hope you enjoyed this article. Please check out the rest of our blog for more great DIY tips and home improvement ideas.

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