How Your Tenant’s Happiness Will Increase by Using A Commercial Cleaning Service?

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Even if you do not have a great deal of foot traffic that goes through your building or your area doesn’t experience very much extreme weather, in very little time the space can appear less than clean. Tenants pay to rent space from your building with the expectation that it will always have a cleaner and presentable. Of course, this can be difficult to maintain on your own. Fortunately, with the use of commercial cleaning services you can ensure that your tenants are always pleased with the appearance of the building.

Using A Commercial Cleaning Service

One of the most common areas that can quickly look less than ideal are the floors. Whether the building has tile, ceramic or carpeted floors, they can accumulate debris and stains in very little time. By having a quality commercial cleaning company that cares for your building you can ensure that it always looks its absolute best. Depending on a few factors, including the level of traffic that the building sees and the weather during that time of year, you will want to determine the level of cleaning that is needed.

For example, if there is little traffic and the weather is typically rather nice during that time of year you may be able to get by with having the floors cleaned just a couple times a week. However, if the season is seeing a good deal of rain or snow, or there is a good amount of foot traffic, it is likely best to have the company service the area daily. Of course, you can change the level of service as you work to determine the needs of that specific property and as the seasons change.

You can also detail exactly what you would like done and how frequently each task needs to be completed. For example, you may want to have all the carpeted areas vacuumed daily to remove any visible debris. This is additionally beneficial as it will extend the life of your carpeting by reducing the amount of dirt that is rubbed into the carpeting. However, you may want to have the carpeting cleaned once a week, biweekly or even just once a month. One of the biggest benefits of using this type of service is that you can have it tailored to meet your needs while staying inside of whatever budget you might have.

Using A Commercial Cleaning Service - cleaner

Something that is often left neglected is the need for the public areas to be dusted. Dust can accumulate very quickly, especially when compared to a home, simply since the doors are opened frequently. While many people may not even notice the dust, there are others that will and find it deplorable. Having a service that monitors the need for this task to be completed and incorporates it into a cleaning schedule can help to improve the tenant’s perception of the care of the building. There is nothing worse than someone going to touch a ledge or a fixture only to find that they have soiled their hands by doing so. This is embarrassing for them and the tenants the rent the space.

Windows and glass are another area that can greatly impact the perception of the cleanliness of the buildings. Even though doors have clear places in which to use to hold open doors, people frequently will touch the glass instead. Children are also a big culprit when it comes to leaving finger and hand prints on doors. Windows often have the same fate, even if there is no real reason that anyone would need to touch them. Having someone that addresses these areas can make the space appear to be remarkably clean. While they may not specifically notice that the glass is clean, they will certainly notice when they aren’t. Of course, the frequency that this needs to be done can vary a great deal. The key is to be sure that you create a schedule that will keep the building looking its best without paying for more services than you need.

Commercial cleaning companies have the experience needed to help you to create the best possible service plan. They will walk through all of the services they provide and what they believe is needed after evaluating the unique aspects of your building. From there you can determine what will work best to ensure that you maintain the satisfaction of all your tenants. The cost is worth it to increase the time in which your tenants occupy your building. Increasing occupancy is another huge benefit as happy tenants are more likely to share with others that you have a good reputation for maintaining the building in a satisfactory manner. Remember that using a cleaning service is not as much of an expense as it is an investment.

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