How to Use Shade Canopies Around Your Home or Business

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Thinking that shade canopies belong on the beach? Think again! Shade canopies quite literally pop-up all over the place, from the beach, bus stops, restaurants, to concession stands.

How to Use Shade Canopies Around Your Home or Business

The sheer amount of uses for canopies may surprise you, but they offer solutions for both commercial and personal uses. (see ShelterLogic) Here are some other ways canopies can be used.

Playground and Outdoor Classrooms

Whole school communities can benefit from shade canopies, by installing them in the playground to protect children and staff from the elements. Canopies can offer UV protection and waterproofing, which is vital for caregivers to consider for any outdoor areas. Shade canopies can also provide an attractive and practical outdoor learning setting, where the class can continue learning during all weathers. With the help of a canopy, there is no need to stop outdoor playtime or learning.

Entrance Canopies for Businesses

Canopies are excellent for providing shelter and a space for visitors and customers while they wait outside a building, or as they enter and leave the premises. They can even be used to cover walkways that run alongside the building to protect people as they approach, as well as covering walkways that link buildings together. Shade canopies can make a great statement piece to any commercial building, giving the perfect, stylish touch that completes its look.


Many businesses within the hospitality industry offer shade that provides comfort to their customers as well increasing their usable space. Businesses such as restaurants, pubs, leisure centres, and hotels, all can use shade canopies to offer their customers an outside dining solution and cooler seating areas. Canopies are the perfect solution for the hospitality industry because they work by extending their space to maximize how many customers, they can host at one time and creates an outdoor space that is perfect for dining.

How to Use Shade Canopies Around Your Home or Business - backyard

Trade Shows and Farmer’s Markets

When a business attends a trade show or farmer’s market to sell produce to local communities, shade canopies will provide excellent coverage for their staff and potential customers as they browse and look at their products. Canopies offer an attractive and stylish appearance while creating a space for customers to stop as they keep protected from the elements – resulting in longer browsing periods.

Seasonal Businesses

For seasonal businesses, a shaded canopy is an absolute must-have product. Whether it is a car wash business, car boot sale, or an outdoor fete, canopies allow the company to continue trading in most weathers. Shade canopies give the staff, potential customers, and the items on show the protection they need.

Family Events

Whether you are attending a sports day event, one of your children’s soccer tournaments, or having a picnic with your family, a canopy is vital for keeping your whole family cool and UV protected. As canopies can be easily folded and moved, owning a canopy allows you coverage whenever you attend outdoor events, so you can carry on regardless of the weather.

Overall, shade canopies are extremely versatile and offer protective solutions to a range of businesses and personal users. Whether you are planning on creating a shaded area within your own garden or using them for your business to attend markets or events, shaded canopies have you covered!

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