10 Fantastic Ways to Use Leftover Paint

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Many DIYers buy too much paint for their home improvement projects. Sure, everyone wants a little spare paint for touch-ups, but anything other than a half-gallon is likely to be a waste.

10 Fantastic Ways to Use Leftover Paint

Even if you save it for touch-ups, the paint is likely to go unused as time goes by. However, there are numerous clever applications for it in your home. And if you do want to get rid of it, you’ll need to take specific measures. Take into consideration the following suggestions to use your leftover paints for more DIY projects.

Spruce up An Accent Wall

Check how much leftover paint you have. Assess if you can use it to paint an entire accent wall or create your wall painting or artwork. Personalized artworks are best in your bedroom. If you don’t know how to start, you can utilize online easy tutorials. For example, you can tape off some geometrical lines and use an angled brush to paint the shapes inside the lines.

Make Your Wall Trim Stand Out

Update the wall trim to give a room a fresh look. By replacing the soft white trim with a colorful color, you can create a lot of contrast and character. This is particularly effective in dining areas, children’s rooms, and home offices.

Bring New Life to Old Furniture

There’s a huge possibility that you have at least a piece of furniture in your home that’s not really Instagramable. Don’t toss it in your storage room yet! You can spruce up your old furniture with a good primer coating and a fresh coat of paint. After this, you’ll be surprised that your formerly dull furniture is now Instagram-worthy. You can also use your leftover paints to freshen up stained and faded shelves and create a fun new look for your kids’ old desk.

Don’t Forget the Planters

You can use your spare paints to give your flower pots and planters life. Apply a plain-colored coating and articulate it with patterns or designs of your choice for more panache. You’ll be happy with the result once you see your new-lively and cheerful- planters!

10 Fantastic Ways to Use Leftover Paint - leftover paint

Make Your Kitchen More Colorful

Leftover paints can also add life to your kitchen cabinets. You can accent the cabinet doors and frames or add a contrasting background for your kitchen utensils. For example, If you have white plates, you can paint a dark, moody background to some of your cabinets to make the dishes stand out. You can also personalize wooden spoons and other utensil handles by articulating them with leftover paints.

Create Your Own Artwork

If you’re wondering what to do with excess random paint colors from your recent project, why not make an artwork of your own. You need some artwork brushes, an inexpensive painting canvas, and your creative imagination. Painting can be therapeutic. Don’t worry about the subject or the result. Feel free to dip your brush into the paint and let your artistic self work. You can create a landscape painting, abstract, or anything that comes to mind.

Mirror Frame

Spruce up your home’s interior by adding an accent to the frame of a builder-grade mirror. You can make your own personalized art for your bathroom without spending a lot of money on a new piece.

Add Elegance With Accent Doors

For most of us, painting doors is not a usual project. You’ll usually see plain painted doors in most of the houses. And if someone may have painted their door, it might have been just for touch-ups because one of their little kiddos drew “artwork” on the door. However, one of the simplest ways to make your home appear more expensive is to paint the interior doors in contrasting colors. Replace the standard white doors with muted gray or crisp black ones. It’s a minor alteration, yet it has a significant influence.

Spray Paints

When it comes to leftovers, spray paint cans are the worst. We always wind up with half a can of every hue under the spectrum. And instead of using it, We buy more because we’re worried we won’t be able to utilize what we already have, for it might not be enough for the project. Spray paints are perfect for personalized artwork. You can create a fantastic piece with a canvas and cut out the silhouette of any design you want on cardboard. Just place the cut out on the canvas and spray paint the background to transfer the design to the canvas. Outdoor furniture, vintage lamps, obsolete mirrors, and accent chairs are perfect for spray painting.

Recycle With Paint

Recycle “junk” furniture. Inspect your attic or your neighbors’ trash. You might come across a hidden treasure in the form of an old piece of furniture that simply needs a fresh coat of paint. You just have to put in some work to rejuvenate these old treasures. You might need to clean them first using a brush and sandpaper before applying a coat from your leftover paints.


Maybe you’re wondering when is the best time to do some interior painting in your home. With your leftover paints in hand and these 10 fantastic painting tips, you can start any time of the day! Grab that paintbrush and get started now that you’ve loaded up on ideas for reusing leftover paints!

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