Easy Upgrades That Will Make Your Home More Enjoyable

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HOME. A place we are all familiar with this year. Whether you live in a mansion, or a more humble abode it’s important to make sure our homes are a source of comfort and security. So how can we prevent our homes from becoming a place that we just eat, work and sleep?

Easy Upgrades That Will Make Your Home More Enjoyable

Whatever the budget there are many  ways to improve our surroundings and make the space around us enjoyable. Here are some simple ways to get you started:


Nothing scrambles the brain more than ‘stuff’ scattered in every orifice. You’ll be surprised how much ‘space’ you’ll acquire with this simple action. Too much clutter can scramble the brain and quickly become overwhelming in our hectic lives. Starting with a blank canvas is cathartic, clearing the mind and cleansing the soul. However,  if you are already an organised ‘Monica’ you can skip this step.

Invest in something special

Sometimes we may feel that we need something a little extra. Spending extra time at home, hunched over a computer can take a toll on our health. Do you sometimes feel  new aches and pains permating your body?  Muscles a little tense?  perhaps you could invest in a full body massage or if time is precious you could consider something a little more permanent. Massage chairs can be a great investment and at Primemassagechairs.com they take comfort and relaxation very seriously. it’s  pointed out that massage chairs are convenient with many benefits. Using a massage chair can be a great upgrade to help increase productivity and ease any tension without ever leaving the house.

Add some colour

In the dark and dreary days of winter, adding some colour to our homes can do wonders for our positivity. Using colour in the home is a powerful design tool. The appropriate use of colour can turn simple and plain rooms into warm and cosy spaces or a clean and clear area. But you don’t have to repaint every room to make a difference, little projects such as painting bookcases and cabinets, putting up colourful paintings or photographs will brighten the space effectively. A variety of textures can add a touch of elegance and glow to a room making it a relaxing space, pleasing on the eye.

Embrace nature

Bringing the outside in has become increasingly popular over the years. With more and more time spent behind a desk (at home or the office) people are missing out on much needed time outside in the natural world. Adding big green plants, natural fibres, and handmade accessories can all enrich your surroundings, not to mention cleanse the air and calm the nerves.

Easy Upgrades That Will Make Your Home More Enjoyable - plants


Lighting has always been an important part of interior design, especially if the light in your home is less than adequate. Getting it right can add atmosphere and style.When the right lighting is achieved it can truly transform a room and make it look stylish as well as functional. Getting the right lighting doesn’t have to be costly, but should be smart. Mood lighting lamps, candles and lanterns are good options for a tranquil setting. Using specially designed LED light bulbs that emit sunlight are becoming increasingly popular, and have a variety of health benefits during the winter months, elevating mood, and increasing vitamin D production.

Spruce up the outside

If you are trying to upgrade your home in the spring, now is the ideal time to work on your outside space, ready for the summer. Again this doesn’t have to be costly. Fixing fences, tidying borders, sweeping up winter debris and planning a few flowers and vegetables will pay off when the long summer months commence. You may not be naturally green fingered but adding pots for colour, and big green plants, could transform your space into a mini paradise for all to enjoy. However if you do like a little dabble in the garden, preparing a vegetable plot in early spring can reap rich rewards throughout the summer. Not only will you have a beautiful display of greenery,you will have fresh veggies to compliment your al fresco dining. Gin & tonics at the ready!

Add soft furnishings

The addition of cushions, blankets, textiles and curtains all add beauty to your home and prevent a house from becoming ‘sterile’ it also creates a relaxing and warm environment. Appropriately placed soft  furnishings can also increase the value of your home, if you are considering moving on. So if you’re pulling your hair out and dreaming of spending some time in a plush hotel on a paradise island, you may be waiting a while! In the meantime, you can produce your own little slice of paradise. Happy relaxing!

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