Easy Touch-Ups to Keep Your Cabinets Looking Great

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Have you got a beautiful cabinet that you think isn’t looking its best? Don’t worry, we can help you figure out how to freshen it up and get it looking back to its full potential. And guess what? It’s super easy.

Easy Touch-Ups to Keep Your Cabinets Looking Great

There are multiple ways of sprucing up your cabinet that include spraying your cabinet, painting your cabinet, and using touch-up pens for smaller touch-ups.

Touch-up Pens

Let’s start super easy. If you only have a few minor touch-ups to do, then a touch-up pen will do the trick. This is a pen that you can precisely fill in any small gaps and can freshen up any marks that quite aren’t adding up to the original color of your cabinet. Make sure you choose the right color touch-up pen, so your cabinet is all one matching color. You can ask an expert in paint or the seller of your cabinet to help you decide what color your cabinet is if you aren’t too sure. Touch-up pens can be bought online and in multiple stores.

Cabinet Painting

You have decided you want to freshen up your entire cabinet and not just some cracks – cool, easy! Before you get the paint out, there are a few steps you should follow first to get the best result. Don’t worry if you’re someone who thinks reviving your cabinets will be difficult, cabinet painting doesn’t need to be hard. It might take some time and precision, but when you know what you’re doing, it can be fun. Getting an expert company to come and do the job for you can be super easy as well and can save you some time to go by your day without worrying.

Before you start your painting process, you need to decide if you’re going for a new color or if you want to match your original color. If you choose option two, then it might take you a few samples to find the perfect color match. Ask someone for help if you aren’t sure. Grab a few paints, test them on your cabinets, wait for them to try and make your decision – exciting stuff!

Step 1 

Take out anything from your cabinets and remove the hardware. We all know how hard it is to paint around knobs and handles and we also know that a lot of chippings normally occur around them, therefore it is easiest to take off the handles and screw them back in later. It will give you much easier access to get a good painting job done.

Step 2

You should put down plastic sheets on your floor and cover any surfaces you don’t want to get any paint on. Spillages do happen, even for experts! Don’t worry if you don’t have any plastic sheets, or you just don’t want to buy any. You can use old towels or bed sheets that you don’t mind throwing in the bin later – but we still definitely recommend plastic sheets to keep it easiest for you to clean away after!

Step 3

Next, you want to clean up your cabinets. Many of us are guilty of not washing our cabinets, but now it is time. You can use water, a form of soap, a degreaser, anything that you find suitable for getting rid of any excess dirt and stubborn grease. It’s important to not skip this step as your paint may not stick properly or it may not have a nice finish – plus it’s dirty and who wants dirty cabinets, especially when you’re reviving them?

Step 4

Your cabinets are clean and dry. They are already probably looking slightly better. But you still have a few steps first to get that perfect result! Next is to sand down your cabinet. Get it feeling and looking smooth. Once you’re satisfied with your smooth finish, you can move on to step number 5.

Step 5

Time to prime! We’re so close to painting but first, we need to prime. Think of it as an undercoat that is going to help your paint to stick properly and leave a long-lasting, beautiful finished result. You want to be satisfied with your finished cabinets, so make sure you do a prime coat so they stay looking in great shape for a long time.

Finally, Step 6

It’s finally the fun bit – painting!

Easy Touch-Ups to Keep Your Cabinets Looking Great - painting

You can use a paintbrush if you find it will be easier for you, but we recommend a spray painting machine to get that quicker and smoother applicant – but don’t worry if not! This is the time you have been waiting for, to revive your cabinets with that color you have picked after all the preparation you have gone through.

Get painting your cabinets until you have an even finish. After you have done one coat, and you can see bold color and no make touch-up areas, leave the paint to dry. After a few hours, come back to your cabinets and see how the result looks dried. If you need to go over them again, it is perfectly ok to do a second coat. Then, repeat the process of letting it dry and rechecking.

Hopefully, after reading this article and seeing only six steps, you feel a bit more confident about reviving your cabinets. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that they need to get completely new ones when really, you can just make the ones you already have looked like they have a new life. Remember that getting new kitchen cabinets isn’t so simple. You need to pay someone to rip the old ones out and put the new ones in, and not forgetting that you have to buy the actual cabinets themselves.

You will be spending less money bringing life to your current cabinets, and probably spending less time as well. But like mentioned earlier, if you don’t have the time or patience, then cabinet painting companies will be happy to do the job for you and will be happy to make your cabinets look excellent again, as you deserve.

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