How To Upgrade Your DJ Equipment: Useful Tips

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If you enjoy creating music, then you have probably considered converting a spare room in your home into a studio. If this is something that you’ve thought about and that you’re interested in, then why wait any longer? The sooner you start, the sooner you will have your own personal studio. A home studio can also be a great financial investment. If you know other aspiring musicians, then you can rent your studio out to them, when you’re not using it.

How To Upgrade Your DJ Equipment

In this article, you will find some useful tips for upgrading your DJ equipment from a laptop with some software, to an entire home studio:

Invest In a DJ Controller

Instead of buying a traditional vinyl, invest in a DJ controller. You can find reviews of the best DJ controllers online, to help you make a decision. A DJ controller allows you to DJ digitally, using your computer. DJ controllers are made up of two decks and a mixer, combined in a single unit. This allows users to get the full DJ experience, without having to use antiquated equipment like vinyl. You’re able to connect DJ controllers to your computer, which allows you to play music directly from iTunes or Spotify. If you want to DJ with vinyl’s then you can buy a turntable in addition to your DJ controller, although it’s not really necessary because most songs are available online nowadays.

DJ Software

If you’re setting up a home DJ studio then it’s worth investing in a computer with dual monitors for you to use your DJ software on, as you will need good DJ software. You’re not going to be able to create a good home studio without DJ software. You can get free and paid software, so if you’re on a budget you don’t have to worry. You can also get free trials and student discounts. DJ software will let you play your music library on your DJ controller, which is why it’s so important.


In addition to DJ software and a DJ controller, you will need speakers. You won’t need particularly large speakers if your studio’s inside your house, although it depends on your personal preference. In most cases, a pair of studio monitors will work well. If you want to go all out, then you can invest in several additional wall-mounted speakers. Speakers can be expensive, but thankfully you can usually pick them up second-hand online. Alternatively, you can use services like Klarna to get them on an installment program, without damaging your credit score.

DJ Headphones

You will also need to invest in a pair of DJ headphones, which will prevent external noise from getting in when you’re practicing. Through your headphones, you will only be able to hear the track that’s playing. You shouldn’t skimp out when it comes to DJ headphones, because they’re a very important piece of equipment. Without your headphones, it will be very difficult for you to accurately DJ. As with speakers, you can pick them up a second hand as long as you’re comfortable with wearing something on your ears that somebody else has worn on theirs.

How To Upgrade Your DJ Equipment - DJ equipment

Mouse and Keyboard

If you’re going to be using your computer to create music, then you’ll need a quality mouse and keyboard. This is to reduce strain on your wrist and hands. You can pick these up second hand, although they’re rarely very expensive so consider buying them now.


Soundproofing is very important, especially if you live in a built-up area. Soundproofing will prevent noise from getting in and your music from getting out. You don’t want to disturb your neighbors or family and you probably don’t want them disturbing you. There are lots of ways that you can soundproof a room, from sealing up windows to putting egg cartons on the walls. You should try to soundproof your studio as effectively as possible. If you don’t soundproof your studio, then you could get complaints. If you have a lot of money at your disposal, then you can hire a professional team of contractors to soundproof your studio room for you.

Ergonomic Chair and Desk

In addition to all of the equipment we’ve mentioned previously, you’ll also want to invest in an ergonomic chair and desk. This is because you’ll be sitting down for long periods of time, which can be bad for your back. An ergonomic chair will reduce the strain that’s put on your back when you’re working in your studio.

Creating a studio at home doesn’t need to be difficult. You can begin collecting pieces of equipment as you go, staggering your studio’s growth. The most important thing is that you have fun, whether you have a studio or not.

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