6 Signs You Need To Update Your Home’s Security System

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If you want your home to be safe, having a functional home security system is essential. Although most homeowners are aware of the importance of a security system, most typically overlook that the system requires regular maintenance and updates. Failing to inspect your system can result in problems when you least expect them. Throughout the years, home security technology greatly improved. The integration of home automation and smartphones made drastic security changes. Today, you can readily control almost every security feature in your home using your mobile phone, including the alarms, locks, doorbell, and video cameras. 

6 Signs You Need To Update Your Home's Security System

With home security systems’ technological advances and automation, it might be time to check yours at home if it’s still in good shape. Here are the indications that it’s the right time to upgrade the security system in your home:

Accessing Your House Through Keys Only

Keys can be a risk factor in the security of your home as these can end up being lost, misplaced, or even copied, allowing anyone quick access to your house. Additionally, keyed locks aren’t always dependable since they can end up being damaged or the doorknob can be picked, depending on the skills of the potential burglars. If you plan to upgrade to high-security locks for your home, checking out York Locksmith and others would greatly help. Another alternative is to switch to digital locks, which is a better alternative since you can only access them using a code or remote access via a phone or tablet.  

Old Security System 

If your current security system is more than ten years old, it already lacks the latest technologies and automation features. When your security system doesn’t have these, it can’t ensure safety for your home. The latest security systems are reliable and boast an interactive, intuitive, and straightforward interface. It’ll make monitoring the security in your home convenient and efficient. If your system has flaws due to incompatible hardware or software, it’s best to upgrade to a newer model. 

Low-Resolution Cameras

If the cameras in your security system have low resolution, they can’t provide clear footage should you want to take legal action against potential burglars. When investing in video cameras for your home security system, it’s crucial to choose the best possible quality and resolution since you can utilize the footage as evidence in case burglary occurs. It’ll surely come in handy in both civil or criminal court and insurance claims as you can use the video to determine specific items the burglar took. A basic video system available in the market usually has a 1080p resolution camera with a backup system that stores all the videos. If you want better features, consider adding motion sensors, zoom and tilt, night vision, and built-in encryption to prevent infiltration attempts in your security system.

Having Only An Alarm

Although alarms are a security element in most homes, it’s not the only security equipment you should invest in. Generally, an alarm helps alert your household and the authorities of a potential security breach in your house, but it won’t protect you in any way. Nevertheless, your home is still at risk if you only have an alarm system without other security elements. Among the latest advancements in security, a smart doorbell camera with a smart lock combination is a significant upgrade. When you invest in one for your home, you can check the video feed that provides coverage of your doorstep on your phone.

6 Signs You Need To Update Your Home's Security System - smart security system

Using Wired Infrastructure 

A hardwired system is already obsolete due to the increasing availability of wireless technology. Today, a wireless security system is affordable, intuitive, and convenient for most homeowners. If your current system still utilizes wired features, your home might be at risk. Generally, a wired security system along with video cameras and alarms can be easily exploited by burglars. Cutting the wire can quickly shut down the security system, putting your home and family at risk. If you’re eager to ensure your home has the best security, it’s time to upgrade to a wireless system.

Manual Updates For The Software Or Firmware 

Your security system software must stay up to date as necessary. It’s best to switch your current security system if it can’t provide automatic firmware or software upgrades. For most homeowners, performing manual updates can be bothersome. But with automatic updates, it readily applies patches to your security system to deal with issues and potential vulnerabilities immediately.


As a homeowner, ensuring that the security system in your home is highly efficient will keep your household safe from potential threats. If your system is getting outdated or could no longer keep up with the latest trends, it’d be best to upgrade. If any of these signs are evident, make the right move by investing in a superior security system to keep both your home and family safe.

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