Everything You Need To Know About Smart Locks

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Smart locks have become one of the most popular options for families concerned about their safety due to the fact that they are easy to use and very tough.

Everything You Need To Know About Smart Locks

Today, we are going to discuss some of the reasons you want to use smart locks.

What exactly is a smart lock?

As technology continues to improve and grow, smart devices are becoming an integral part of life. In fact, this trend shows no signs in slowing down, as of 2019 an estimated 830 million smart devices were shipped. This number is expected to grow to over 1.6 billion by 2023. Smart locks have become a rather large part of that number. Smart locks are key free replacements to the traditional door lock. When a smart lock has been installed, it will connect to your wifi network or Bluetooth. All you will need to do is create a lock code, install the app on your device and type the access code into your device when you want to gain entry. And that is it! You are done! You can gain entry without the need to dig around for a key.

Understanding The Safety Benefits

Smart locks work through wireless connections such as wifi and connect to a mobile device. The smart lock comes with a mobile app that allows you to control all of the functions through the touch of a button. If you would like to control the smart lock with your voice, you will need to pair it with other smart home technology such as Google Home or Alexa from Amazon. You will need to add a compatible smart lock to either the Google Home Or Amazon Alexa and pair the devices up and you will have access to all smart locks in the home.

One of the biggest benefits of a smart lock is the lack of keys! Let’s be honest, physical keys are an absolute hassle in life, especially with the technology we have available to us now. Think of how many times you have lost your keys and could not get into your own home. What happens if you find yourself in a dangerous situation and need entry into your home quickly, but are unable to find the keys? Likewise, if you give a spare key to a friend, they have access to your home at any point. A smart lock allows you to control who enters your home at the touch of a button.

You can easily change entry codes whenever you wish. If you decide to rent out your home, you can easily change the access codes for different tenants to prevent any unauthorized access. By changing the access code on a regular basis, it makes it much more difficult for a thief to guess the password. With the majority of smart locks there is typically an access restriction timeline. You are able to signal who gets in and when they are able to get in.

While a traditional lock looks as though it would be fool proof, they can be easily picked. In fact, a safety lock is much harder to tamper with. Considering the best smart door locks, rely on a digital code as opposed to physical mechanisms it is impossible to crack without the right code.

Pros and Cons of The Smart Lock

Modern Convenience

One of the main reasons smart locks have become so popular is their overall convenience. What happens if you are sunning yourself on a beach and remember the locks? Did you lock all of them? No more need to worry, you can activate all of the locks from afar and change all of the codes from anywhere in the world with an active connection. There are many locks that provide hands-free entry. If your smartphone is in range, the device will automatically unlock the doors. There is no need to search through your pockets and purse, just walk up and the door unlocks. Many smart locks now offer hands-free voice control as well. There are some devices that are compatible with the new Amazon Echo and more are to follow as well.

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Why should you be forced to sacrifice visual appeal for safety. When you choose a smart lock, you can have both. A smart lock features a modern design that also offers true convenience. Smart locks have a number of unique finishes including silver, gold, chrome and black matte. Regardless of your style, there is a smart lock that will fit it.


While a smart lock is a great choose it is important to understand that no locking mechanism is perfect. While a smart lock is tamper-resistant they are not tamper proof. A smart lock relies on wireless technology and wireless technology can be hacked regardless of safety precautions. Your data is encrypted it is not invisible to the naked eye. There can be issues with connectivity. What happens if you lose access to wifi? What if there is no power? These types of situations can make this convenience a massive headache. Without having an alternate way to access the home, you are going to be forced to wait. With a physical key there are not these types of computer related glitches.

The Big Picture

A smart lock is one of the best options if you want to try something new with your home security. They are sleek, easily customized and convenient. While they seem perfect, they do have their faults. They are a very effective tool but in the end they are not any safer than a traditional lock and key combination. If you want the best protection in your home, you are best to use a number of security measures.

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