How to redesign living room on a budget

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The living room is the space where you try to recharge after a long day at work. It is also where you entertain guests and family in your home. Does your living room space give a relaxing feel? Or does it look dry and boring? Your living room should always look enticing and fresh. It’s one of the rooms where you and your family spend the most time in. It won’t be quite as alive if the furniture and decorations are drab. If it’s starting to look worn out, then it’s high time to upgrade your space. You don’t have to max out your credit card or spend a ton of money in making your living room fabulous.

There are so many things to do for under $100 that will instantly transform your home. Here are some ideas how to redesign living room on a budget:

1. Create a gallery wall

Hang some interesting artwork and photos in a gallery-like way. Often, it is not the price of the art that matters. It’s the artful arrangement. You can just find interesting printables online and add family photos that tie in with your theme. Just make sure that everything is comes together with either the same color or feel. Gallery frame sets are also affordable and won’t break the bank.


2. Redesign living room with a bold rug

A pop of color or a graphic rug will change up your living room. It instantly transforms any space by giving an unexpected new look to your usual living room. Just make sure that it still ties with the rest of the furniture and the overall theme of your home.

3. Increase the seating capacity

Adding more seats in your living room (if you still have space for them), will give a full feel. You don’t need to purchase the usual bulky seats. Be creative. Opt for patterned puffs that can add instant color to your living room. These are also small enough to be tucked away in the corner or placed in front of your coffee table. Another practical way to do so is to go for storage ottomans that look classy while hiding the miscellany.

4. Splash some greens

A bit of greenery in your space will always look fab and fresh. Adding plant life is the easiest way to refresh the living room. You can go for herbs that can cut-down your grocery cost. Succulents and cacti are now the rave as it’s easy to take care of and are also inexpensive. You can put them in old bottles or vintage cans. Terrariums are also low-maintenance plant ideas.


5. Incorporate some throw blankets and new pillows

This is the quickest and most affordable way to add a bit of style into any space. Throw pillows with trendy patterns and color change up the look of your living room. The same goes for fluffy throw blankets. This also adds texture and pattern without spending so much money.

6. Redesign living room with fresh paint

Invest in a good paint with a vibrant color. This kicks up the details in your space and is also a good project over the weekend. Change the walls a bit with some paint. This does not require a ton of money, but only a bucket of paint and a paintbrush. You need not limit yourself to walls, too. You can go experiment and paint your door for an extra charm or your wooden chair legs for added quirkiness.

7. Lighten up

Lighting makes a huge difference in any room. You can just purchase an affordable lamp with soft light to create a different feel in your living room. Pendant lights are also trendy and you can just make your own statement pendant light with some crafty tools.


You don’t need money to make your living room or your home fabulous. All that you need is creativity and some inspiration to start your magic in this space.

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