The Top 4 Types of Showers to Choose From

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The Top 4 Types of Showers to Choose FromThe choice of the right shower type is simpler than deciding on many other bathroom fittings and fixtures. However, it is important because it goes a long way in determining your showering experience. Whether you’ll have a lukewarm trickle or high-pressure spouts of water depends on the type of shower you have. Here are the key types of showers.

Mixer Shower

A mixer shower draws from both cold and hot water supplies. It usually delivers high flow rates. Mixer showers work by mixing cold and hot water inside the units before delivering it through fixed or adjustable shower heads. They allow you to set specific temperatures for each showering session through valve controls.

A mixer shower is suitable for homes with large hot water cylinders or combi boilers because of its reliance on readily available hot water. You might want to add a pump to increase water pressure if your hot water system is gravity-fed. The advantage of mixer showers is that they are easy to install and use.

Electric Shower

This type of shower heats water on demand by drawing it from a cold supply and running it over a heating element in the shower unit. This way, you can’t run out of hot water. Electric showers are energy efficient since they only heat the water when you need it. Here are some important facts about an electric shower:

  • Easy and quick to install
  • If you want a better flow, choose a higher kilowatt rating
  • It’s less expensive as compared to mixer showers
  • It’s bulkier than mixers
  • It needs a high-capacity electrical supply. Electric showers require their own dedicated circuits from the fuse box in order to run
  • It’s economical when it comes to water usage
  • More expensive models of electrical showers feature integral pumps that can improve flow rates. You can purchase them from an online shower company since they’re readily available in a wide range of new designs
  • It’s the shower of choice for second bathrooms that people generally use at off-peak times

The top 4 types of showers to choose from - double head shower

Thermostatic Shower

This type of shower allows you to set your own ideal temperature. It’s the best choice for the prevention of freezing or scalding whenever someone turns on a tap somewhere else in your house or flushes the toilet. After setting the temperature, the mixer maintains it automatically by feeding in the correct amounts of cold and hot water.
It’s possible to achieve the same results with a temperature-stabilized electric shower. However, if you have children and elderly people around your home, then a thermostatic shower is the safest option. It gives you the much-needed peace of mind.

Eco Showers

These showers limit water flow to a usable and efficient level regardless of your household’s pressure system. At the same time, they maintain your selected temperature. Eco showers are available as mixer and electric variants. They reduce water usage up to 50 percent when compared to standard mixer showers.


It’s easy to choose the right type of shower that suits your bathing preferences according to However, some types have specific requirements. For instance, you can’t choose a mixer shower if your home lacks a readily available hot water supply. Also, you may want to consider the cost of electricity and water in your choice.

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