Best shower head for great bath experience

The right shower head can transform an everyday shower into a relaxing, spa like experience. Many people are unaware of the multiple shower heads on the market, and the different benefits they can offer. From muscle relaxation to a calming massage like feeling, there is a shower head out there that can make your shower experience more than just cleaning away the day’s dirt.

Best shower head for great bath experience

Which Shower Head is Right for Me?

There are many options to choose from in the world of shower heads. Do your research before you purchase one. A trip to the hardware store or a few minutes spent browsing on the internet will give you details, prices and functions of hundreds of different shower heads. At Showersly is a great place to find all the different options before beginning your shopping for a shower head.

Overhead Mounted Shower Heads

If you are looking for your spa like experience to put water from over top of your head, you need to buy an overhead mounted shower head. One option is the traditional single water spray head. This option was the first shower head to hit the market and it provides water in a single spray. Most shower heads like this will allow you choose the strength that the water comes out and also how much water comes out at one.

Best shower head for great bath experience - wall mounted shower head

Rain heads are another overhead mounted option. This type of shower head is much larger than a single spray head and has multiple holes in the head that dispense the water. This option was the first at home shower head that gave a spa like experience. With the multiple holes that the water comes out of, there are many options to the water flow, water pressure and how the water alternates the water coming out. This option can provide massage like settings to the water that comes out.

Handheld Shower Head

A shower head controlled by a hand wand was once only thought of for the handicapped or elderly. Over time, this shower head option has now become very popular with everyone. Not only does this provide convenience if you share a shower with a child or pet, but there are multiple options in how the water comes out of the wand. The ability to control exactly where the water is focused on your body allows a more massage like experience and is quite popular for athletes or someone who has muscle aches and pains.

Best shower head for great bath experience - handheld shower head

There are a few more options with shower heads, such as ceiling mounted and shower bars that are installed into your shower walls, but these require professional installation, and depending on your shower area, may not be able to be installed without a total bathroom redo.

The shower head you choose can greatly affect your overall physical well being. Something as simple as controlling the speed and force that water hits you while in the shower can both soothe and relax tired muscles. Do yourself a favor and have the shower head that best fits your needs installed and feel like a million bucks every time you walk out of the shower!

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