Best Types Of Home Windows

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Windows are an incredibly important investment. It’s never a good idea to skimp – better windows keep your home more secure, lower your energy bills, and prevent mold spores from getting into your home and setting up on your windowsill.

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Here’s a guide to window shopping!

Sliding Windows

If you’re looking for practicality and simplicity, the sliding window is just the perfect choice. These high-quality windows are a beautiful choice, they’re easy to maintain, and they add a real sense of style to any room. This is why this type of window has become the most common option for horizontal orientation. Sliding windows work with one section sliding over the other, like a sliding glass door. This creates excellent airflow. These options also seal very efficiently, helping to drive down your energy bills by reducing drafts. If you’re looking for the most sophisticated appearance, sliding windows are a fantastic choice. They’re also very cost-effective – installation typically only costs a few hundred dollars.

Casement Windows

These are known as crank windows. Stylish and easy to install, these are definitely one of the best options you can find. They swing from a hinge like a door, providing an elegant Mediterranean aesthetic to your home. In fact, one of the best aspects of a casement window is that its swing function allows a great amount of airflow when you want it – although it’s not as desirable in extremely windy weather. Remember that these crank windows are ideal for securing window air conditioning units. They’re a great choice where they work, but you should consider the setup of your room before making this investment.

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Picture Windows

If you have an air conditioning unit in the living room and a good heating system, consider a picture window. This will make your home look incredibly elegant – the only downside of this type of window is that it’s not as energy-efficient as some other options. These are locked in place and fully unmoving, meaning that they will never obstruct the outside view. This provides a massive wow factor for guests, and it’s a delight to enjoy this as a homeowner. Considering there’s not a single mechanical element, this type of window provides a lot of natural light. Depending on its size and shape, the installation of a picture window in your house or apartment will cost between $150 and $750.

Bay Window

This style is an absolute piece of art that will make your home look not only more beautiful on the outside and on the interior but also more relaxing. After all, Bay windows provide an elegant and peaceful aesthetic that always helps you feel comfortable. The style features several windows grouped together to extend from your home – this is the “bay.” Typically the center window is the largest and is a picture window, while the other flanking windows can be singled, doubled-hung, or casement.

If you want this type of window in your house, remember that you’ll need a “bay” first! This will add to the construction cost, although it’s a great addition to your property to make your living space a bit roomier. Installing a bay is quite an undertaking, but the results are incredible. Of course, the price will depend on the style of the specific window if you’re planning to swap windows in an existing bay window arrangement.

Final Thoughts

Thinking creatively is always good when you’re upgrading your home. This selection of windows can transform your living space and helps you capitalize on natural daylight. Browse the options and start your home improvement project today!

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